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The book is the author's journey through history which does not only encompass within its ambit the important personalities which dominated the centre stage in their contemporary times but also the pawns which most of the times do not even receive a mention of their names. Rao has discussed the horoscopes of important personalities including those of Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Bernard Shaw, Changez Khan, Dhirendra Brahmchari so called "Indian Rasputin" , many Indian politicians, Gauquelin and while doing so he has also very effectively explained to his readers some of his long undisclosed techniques of astrological predictions.

Horoscopes of most of the famous Indians are authentic as they were given to KN Rao directly by them plus the fact that some of these famous men had been taking predictions from the author over a period of many years and that most of these predictions had come out correct. The author writes about his tours to America Four tours. How and why he bid farewel to America is discussed.

How that mercenary way of life and Jyotish can conflict is what one must become aware of. A candid and critical look at American astrologers practicing Jyotish. Lynda Johnson quoting her woman Guru Ammachi: " I asked Ammachi what she thought of the advent of Jyotish in the west. But at the same time it has a dark side. Because of his extraordinary powers and his charismatic personality, he became the counsellor and trustee of the then PM Indira Gandhi and therefore a political issue. Digvijaya, a staunch follower of Swami Swaroopanand, met his guru after coming to know that the seer was unhappy with his relationship with Rai.

Thatcher followed everything Chandraswamy had told her. When asked about her political career, Chandraswamy had declared that Thatcher would be Prime Minister for nine, 11 or 13 years. The ace astrologer predicted that she will be Prime Minister one day. Narasimha Rao and Chandraswamy Chandraswamy initially gained fame as a skilled astrologer but became prominent only after his association with former Prime Minister P.

Narasimha Rao. Chandraswamy was said to have been his spiritual adviser. The land for the ashram was allotted by Indira Gandhi. Jayalalithaa could not contest as she was debarred due to cases pending against her, the AIADMK won Assembly polls and she was made CM as an unelected member for a short-term.

Panicker was given Rs 10 lakh for forecasting her victory. I say to them, Apply it and show me the results. They just cannot show the results. They dont know how to interpret the sutras, apply it and produce a research. Theyll only quote texts. If anyone else is doing it they will criticize him. That is a trend in India. Even today they are our critics. So I tell everyone to ignore those pandits and continue with your research, and youll find extraordinary results. Rao: Ill give you one instance. In modern times B. Suryanarayan Rao, Dr. Raman, Iranganti Rangacharya, Dr P. Shastri, all used only 7 karakas not 8 karakas in the Jaimini system.

And three of them were very good Sanskrit scholars: B. Suryanarayan Rao and P. Shastri who are no more, and Iranganti Rangacharya who is alive. Raman was a very practical man. Unlike other people, unless Dr. Raman got a correct result he would never write a book. The only mistake Dr. Raman committed was to land in a wrong ayanamsha. I use what we have consistently found to give good results, the lahiri ayanamsha, and Im also very practical.

I will never write about anything, or teach anything if it is not result yielding. It must show you the results straight away. Now, getting back to 7 karakas. Surprisingly, all the famous commentators on Jaimini, like Neelakantha, Krishna Mishra etc. And all these people also: B. Raman, Iranganti Rangacharya, P. Shastri never bothered to know why the karakas were used.

I found out in the course of time that the karakas represented the real soul of the Jaimini system. If you do not know how to make use of the karakas then Jaimini is useless for you. And if you know how to make use of them then you can give fine predictions about career, marriage, children and so many things. I spent 20 years working on Jaiminis chara dasha and in the process I had to make some modifications.

When I started predicting through Jaimini I found that the chara dasha, as recommended by others, was giving the wrong timing. Then I corrected it and now the chara dasha that I use gives the results of karakas exactly, and also gives the timely very closely. Rao: The term Composite Approach is what I have coined, but it has existed as a sound astrological technique in India as will be clear to anyone who has read the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra.

I have read more than ten versions in my life and found all them containing many interpolations, absurd principles and dogmatic observations i. The art of reading most of the Hindu astrological books is the art of picking up gems from undeclared dung heaps. If you do not have a sound technique of interpreting a bare birth horoscope your astrology will remain stagnant. Call it intra-horoscopic analysis. But I had developed some sickness and a kindly Indian lady doctor who had examined me advised me to avoid US tours, which I did after December My sickness prevented me from teaching it in the USA, which I had wanted to do.

Combine a conditional nakshatra dasha of Parashara like dwisaptati, chatursheeti, shodashottari, etc. If you can do it, your predictions can maintain an average of eighty five percent success rate. However, it takes skill to see that the results of two dashas do not clash. They give the same results but they have to be seen intelligently.

Marc Boney picked it up well and made a great prediction with the most convincing logic, about the victory of Bush over Gore in US presidential election in However, different versions of Parashara texts, have given wrong versions of Mandook dasha, and the so-called nine navamsha dashas.

What I picked up from the readings of Vemuri Ramamurthy Sastry alone works brilliantly and almost infallibly. The Use of the Karakamsha K. Rao: Let me explain a second controversy in Jaimini, which has been about the karakamsha. Everyone except me puts the karakamsha exclusively in the navamsha, and takes the navamsha of the atmakaraka as the karakamsha lagna. But in Darbhanga and Rajasthan I found that the old astrologers took the karakamsha and put it in the birth horoscope.

I found that more logical. The reason is very simple. One of the sutras of Jaimini says that if Saturn is in the karakamsha the man will become famous in his line. In the first week of September Saturn was in very late degrees of Leo making it the atmakaraka. Therefore, anyone born anywhere in the world had Saturn in the karakamsha.

That means that all the people born in early September would become world famous. Thats a very stupid generalization. How can that be correct? On the other hand, if you take what they recommend in Darbhanga and Rajasthan and take the birth horoscope and put the karakamsha there, then youll get extraordinarily correct results. The other is wrong. Second, a Jaimini sutra says that if Venus is in the karakamsha then the man will be sexually virile and live up to years. Now, Venus at 29 degrees and 58 minutes in Virgo will be in debilitation and it will also be vargottama and it will also be the atmakaraka.

If you put it in the navamsha and treat it as being placed in the karakamsha then all those people with Venus in that condition will live to be years. That again becomes a stupid interpretation. I found this all going wrong. So I said nothing doing.

Ill follow the Darbhanga and Rajasthan people who put the karakamsha in the birth horoscope and interpret it, and I got extraordinarily correct results. I gave brilliant predictions on that basis, and many of my students have been doing that for 22 years. So I dont bother with the sutra-chopping pandits. They will confuse you totally and they can produce no results. We read all those translations and believe that these people have done a great service by making this information easily available to us.

But the meaning that they give is sometimes very wrong. They give a meaning that they could not illustrate because they never understood it themselves. They were generally very poor predictors. For example, all of them have given a method of doing pre-natal horoscopy, which is creating a horoscope for the child before its birth when the soul entered the womb of the mother.

The method that has been given for the calculation never comes out accurately. Sometimes it gives you 10 months, sometimes 9 months and 20 or 25 days, and sometimes only 7 months! How have they understood how to interpret it? Similarly, they say that if the Sun is in the 12th house for Libra ascendant the man will live for years. It is stupid. How can you say that? Everyone born in the month of September or October while Sun is in Virgo with Libra ascendant cannot live for years. So you have to understand that we are grateful to these people for giving these translations, but what theyve written does not come out correct sometimes.

You have to intelligently reinterpret the whole thing. Another example is a combination given for death caused by a vulture. However, there are no vultures in the city of Delhi anymore. So what does it mean when I see horoscopes with this combination? Death through vulture means that a wild man will get an order to shoot you to death. I found this combination and worked on it and on this basis I predicted that Indira Gandhi would be assassinated - killed by a vulture. I modernized it and made it a flexible interpretation and interpreted it that way.

So this reinterpretation has to go on constantly. These days we have been doing a very beautiful research. Were looking at the horoscope of the male or female who want to get married and determining the profession of the spouse. In India, it is an immensely useful research because we are still a tradition bound conservative society. The parents will come and show the horoscope of a girl and ask what type of husband she will get.

What will be his profession? That is a primary question that they ask. In ancient times profession meant a traditional occupation. You are a farmer, you are an ironsmith, you are a warrior, or you are a priest. Thats all. Shudra, Vaishya, Kshatriya, Brahman. Today you are a computer engineer, you are a fashion designer, you are cinema actor, you work in TV, you are a journalist, you are a salesman, etc. So this all has to be reinterpreted. Group Research Projects Vaughn Paul: For the benefit of people who dont know about the research projects at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan could you tell us how many charts you are using, etc.

Rao: Okay, see what happens is we have two types of astrology researches going on simultaneously. The first is researching various divisional horoscopes and dashas that have been neglected for centuries. The second is researching a subject that is chosen according to the socio-economic demand of the times we are living in. As I told you, if you read all those books, on the basis of one single planet, they give all the results, which is stupid, totally stupid.

Rao commenting on a student's research presentation Photo by Vaughn Paul Manley For example, in a girl came to me who was a daughter of a colleague of mine. I was in government service in those days.

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She was a south Indian Brahmin, and she said that all the south Indian astrologers said her horoscope was useless for marriage because there was Rahu in the 7th house. South Indian astrologers are very narrow minded and stupid sometimes. I made a total composite approach and I told her look here, you will get a very prosperous and very good husband.

Hell have an accounting background, hell be doing a private job, not a government job, and you will lead a very happy married life.

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She got married in , and is still happily married. She got a son and her husband is a chartered accountant and very prosperous. She herself is in a good job, they own their own house in Madras, and they have a good bank balance. Now if you were to go only on the basis of Rahu in the 7th house youd condemn the whole damn thing! That is how they are doing astrology. The Use of Remedial Measures K. Rao: Then these astrologers will say, Come to me for remedial measures. Ill do graha shanti for you, and change your fate.

This is nonsense. How can one man change another mans fate? There are stupid fellows in the country who fall into that trap. Indian astrologers go on and spread this fraud in other countries also. In the USA youll find people wearing stones and going for these remedial measures. This is all nonsense.

Parashara has not prescribed these remedial measures. In the 17th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, dhan is described properly. It says that sattvic dhan means to give money to a really needy person and it should be unconditional, without expecting to get anything in return. That is real true sattvic dhan or donation. So those are the remedial measures prescribed. Now all types of new remedial measures come out.

The reason is because people want to make money.


They think they can take this yantra and their fate will change. That is what is 11 of So along with the astrology that has spread to America a lot of superstitions have also become attached to it. And the Americans think by wearing stones or doing yantra puja their problems will be solved. That never happens. Whatever is fated is bound to happen.

But do some worship, because it can be mitigated to some extent through sincere, honest worship. Vaughn Paul: Which you recommend to be done by the person himself or herself? Rao: He has to do it himself! You feel an appetite, so you have to eat food. It is your problem therefore it is your worship. It is not anyone whom you hire doing the worship and changing your fate.

Nothing happens like that. Not one single case. I have seen case after case to prove this. But anyway this cheating is going on in the name of kala sarpa yoga, pitri dosha, etc. All this cheating has spread all over the world now through fraudulent Indian astrologers. And in these days of web site astrology, the danger is much greater. Can you talk about this approach that you developed?

Rao: Ill tell you. All the old astrologers that I used to see in my childhood made use of a brilliant approach. I saw my mother also doing this. They never coined any expressions to explain it, but over the course of time I thought about it. When I was teaching, the demand from students was to have a clear cut, systematic approach. They were reading books and getting confused. They would say Saturn in the 7th house means destruction, Rahu in the 7th house means bad marriage.

I would tell them this is all nonsense, dont go by that. Instead take a total synthesis. How do you make a total synthesis? I said P is for a where a planet is placed or posited. A is for how it is aspected. C is for conjunctions. Therefore it is called PAC. Out of these some yogas emerge. D is for dhana yoga, money. A is for arishta yoga, arishta is mishaps, illness, etc.

R is for raja yoga, getting high positions in life. E is for exchanges, like the lord of the 2nd in the 4th, and lord of the 4th in the 2nd, etc. S is for special features, which every horoscope has. Now look at this and synthesize the whole thing by doing PAC. This framework you keep in your mind. Now look at the dasha system and you see when a particular event is to take place according to these yogas. Hindu astrology is a dasha and yoga approach. The moment you forget that the system is destroyed. You must know how to make use of the dashas, because the dashas are the dynamic fructification of a promised event.

The yogas show the promised event, while the dashas show when it is going to be fulfilled. Shri Rama Mishra explaining a student's example chart Photo by Vaughn Paul Manley So I evolved this tabulation because I saw all the experienced astrologers taking these steps, even though they never expressed it. But I knew they had it, so I systematized the whole thing.

When I was teaching students they found it very easy to understand. They had come from a good educational background, so they wanted to understand everything systematically. They also wanted to interlink different things in a horoscope. There is a second stupid controversy that was created by some Indian astrologers here. They say to not see 12 of That is wrong. The entire book Jataka Bharanam is based only on the interpretation of vargas, particularly the navamsha and aspects in the navamsha.

Brilliant predictions come out of that. So see aspects also in varga charts. Youll get very good results. Vaughn Paul: Both Parashari and Jaimini aspects? Rao: Yes, but dont mix the two systems. See aspects separately within their own systems. Jyotish and Spiritual Sadhana Vaughn Paul: You often stress to your students to practice astrology as part of spiritual sadhana, as a service.

Rao: You see it is like this. People will do it according to their background. Some are very greedy and want to make money. They do make money and for some years they prosper. Then after that, they and their family suffer very badly. I warn them to be careful. I say, Today you are cheating someone, so your karma will boomerang, and you will also suffer. You will not escape your karma. So, if you become professional at all, become an honest professional. Do it honestly, charge honestly, thats all.

Stop there. Theres nothing wrong in that. But the temptation to earn a lot of money and therefore charge the heavy fees and charge for remedial measures is not astrology. It is cheating, downright cheating. But that is what is happening. Yesterday one girl was here from London whom I had known since I had given her a prediction that she would marry and go abroad. Shes now married and lives in London. She said Indian astrologers are appearing on TV channels in London now, and doing the same thing that we are doing in India - cheating.

So like an infection this cheating is spreading. So, those who do astrology as a spiritual sadhana benefit immensely, tremendously, because their sadhana begins to have a strong spiritual base. Then they dont get easily shaken up. Vaughn Paul: So youre saying for the astrologers themselves to practice a spiritual sadhana? Rao: Astrologers, if they do spiritual sadhana it is excellent for them! Traditional astrologers were doing it. And, at a later stage they reduced their astrological activities to very little. For example, I see only about 7 horoscopes per week now. Earlier I was seeing 10 horoscopes per day and so I have a huge collection of horoscopes.

I have reduced it, because one ought to devote more time to ones japam, sadhana, and meditation. Some of the astrologers will do that as they grow old. Others will be greedy. But many of these greedy astrologers dont live very long, they die prematurely, leaving a lot of suffering for their families. Vaughn Paul: Are there any specific practices that you recommend astrologers to follow? Rao: Well in modern hectic times you cannot follow the old system.

When I was a child I used to see astrologers getting up early in the morning and doing their worship. Then one or two hours after sunrise they would sit down to do astrology while people came to them. This was from about 7 oclock until 10 or 11 oclock. Then, they would take their lunch and again come at 2 oclock and do it up to 4 or 5 oclock, until sunset.

They would not be doing it before sunrise, and they would not be doing it after sunset. Now these days, I do most of astrology only after sunset. This is because during my service career I was busy in the office in the daytime, so I could do it only after sunset.

That choice had to be made. So, if you can follow that old discipline that is excellent. Sit down do your worship then do your astrology. Your moral excellence increases, and your concentration is very good then. Your predictive success is also much greater. If you do astrology after worship your predictions qualitatively improve. Then as far as possible, if a needy man comes, do astrology free for him even if you are a professional charging heavily. That ideal should be there.


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But in the mercenary culture of our times that ideal has vanished. Misconceptions and the Value of Statistics Vaughn Paul: What is left for you to accomplish in your work? Rao: My mission is over, there is nothing left. There is an excellent teaching institute that has come up, the teachers are there, the tradition of research is going on, book writing is continuing. The journal is already getting handed over to a group now, and Im not looking after the journal anymore. They will be able to publish the books that they write whether I am there or not.

We have won that classic case at the Supreme Court in favor of astrology. So all that Im continuing to do is consolidate this tradition of students writing and doing research.

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That is the last thing that Im doing. We have now three other teachers, other than myself, conducting research, Manoj Pathak, Naval Singh, and Deepak Bisaria. They have their own classes. We have reached a fantastic number of 13 of Rao: We collect lots of examples and get them examined, but when we publish a book we take only horoscopes, because we cant take 1, We may have examined 1,, but we give as a specimen examples and prove the point.

We are doing it through sound replicable techniques, with a sound methodology. We decide upon the parameters and these become the replicable techniques. Vaughn Paul: And then you show the statistics of the results. Rao: Absolutely, we always show the statistics. For example; the last book we produced was on Saturns transit in Hindi. It covers sade-sati, that is the 7 year cycle of Saturn around the Moon; kantak shani, that is Saturn in the 4th house from the Moon; and ashtam shani, that is Saturn in the 8th house from the Moon.

So we take the totality of the picture. All the fright that astrologers create through their newspaper predictions, and TV shows is wrong. This book will destroy many of the misconceptions that people have. Similarly, I wrote a book on kala sarpa yoga, giving examples of famous people. In the Rahu dasha, these people with the so-called kala sarpa yoga, have prospered and risen high.

So all this fright, which Hindu astrologers create to make money and prescribe remedies must be stopped. Future generations should think of legal action against them. That remains to be done. Unless strong legal action is taken against these malpractices, you can do nothing about it. One of the well-known frauds of the country even told one man that there is a kala sarpa yoga in Jaimini, which other astrologers do not know about. He cheated this man out of 25, rupees. So, future generations of astrologers must wake up and take legal action to stop these malpractices.

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