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Venus ingressed into Scorpio today. Love your sexuality no matter how you identify. Accept yourself if you are asexual with no desires. Accept the dark parts of your sexual desires even if they make you uncomfortable. Is there something sexually y. I'm looking forward to staying tf inside!!! Signs as Lollipops!

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Do you like them? Which hurts my teeth but yeah whatever. Follow alchemistapollo for daily astro forecast. Keep reading below for more information on the transits. These two planets really s. Goethe astrology astrologia zodiaco cartaastral cartanatal horoscopo mapaastral aries tauro geminis cancer leo virgo libra escorpio. Follow luckyzodiacs. Turn on post notifications.

Venus left the sign of her domicile today to enter Scorpio, where she is in her detriment The result? Especially considering that no scientific body validates it. Follow your bliss Hollaa to all of our Libra friends! Nails by alicemcnails Tuesday Oct. This is something you have had to work through, but it may have been more aggravating than you imagined because it hasn't mad. Now I hate self promo but my main account is literally 1 follower short of 2. This is a conflicting energy - Venus in Scorpio wants to love and be loved perhaps more than any other placement, but its fearful, protective spirit puts up guards that make love difficult.

Allow yourself to b vulnerable for the next three weeks of t. That was me in my first relationship I feel like after she destroyed my heart I never been able to feel the same tbh I'm a taurus btw. It makes a special gift for a loved one or a beautiful piece t. It'll take you to our online store. Discovery Instagram media and find your social mate using the best Instagram Web Viewer.

Soul Tree Studio 9 0. Dallas, Texas 7 0. What about you? This heightened state of stimulation can also lead to an increase in pulse rate and blood pressure and it can constrict our capillary. It is not important what primary sense you use. I will use the birdsong example. Listen or observe Listen to the song, then try to listen to all the birds singing together.

Allow your mind to sense them all as a unified whole. It is almost as if you become part of the unified birdsong. Our minds tend to be driving us ever onwards, to the next destination, thinking, always driving and striving onwards. You can bring your mind to a quite neutral, where you allow, accept and finally just observe your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You can bring your awareness to the present moment, feel your fluid body and sense stillness in and around you.

You have started to develop your sensory awareness, and re-pattern your senses, and in doing so have started to develop a Felt-Sense where you can expand sensory awareness to feel nature around you. For this practice, you will take things a little further away from your analytic mind, to open your sensory field of awareness. In so doing, you open yourself to new and beautiful impressions of nature.

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We need to learn to be able to take our minds out of gear, to Find Our Neutral. Our neutral is a place that can be likened best to taking the car. From the moment we wake up we are considering: what am I doing today, what shall I wear, what shall I eat? Alongside all. Before we can potentially enter this world of stillness, peace. There are two elements to this sensing. The first is depth: you are sensing deeply, as if penetrating the superficial to sense a deeper story within the whole.

The second is breadth: taking in the whole - not an overview but opening awareness to the whole. Feel the communication Now without employing your analytic mind or giving words, see if you can feel what the birds are saying. This is language beyond words, bird language — can you feel their communication? Charla continued her meditation practice, helped to set up a number of groups over the years, and meditation is now part of her daily routine.

Charla is also the author of titles on aromatherapy and dreaming. A practical and accessible introductory guide to meditation that enables you to achieve a calm, balanced state of consciousness and self-awareness. Sound Certain broad-frequency background sounds in nature are very effective, from a meditational perspective — surf breaking on a beach, for example, or rain falling on a forest canopy; wind blowing through leaves, rapids in a turbulent river, or, in particular, the roar of a waterfall interestingly, this latter type of location is favoured for initiation rituals by some indigenous peoples.

For meditation purposes, we are interested in white, pink and brown noise. White noise Most usually thought of as being the static hiss of an untuned radio, this contains all the frequencies audible to humans roughly 20—20, Hz. It is analogous to white light, which is a combination of all the colour wavelengths. The roar of a nearby waterfall is white noise. Pink noise This has the same wide, random range of audible frequencies as white noise, but its power decreases as the frequency increases.

Consequently, the lower frequencies are louder than the higher frequencies. Unlike white noise, pink noise distributes its power evenly across octaves the doubling of frequencies rather than frequencies. The architecture of the human ear is such that we hear sound in octaves, and pink noise is perceived as smoother and more relaxing than white noise. It can be found in nature in the sound of gentle rain falling on foliage, a distant waterfall, or waves breaking on the beach.

Once you have organized your meditation space and made yourself comfortable, the next step is to completely relax your body. The natural — and most powerful — way to do this is through the breath. In the yogic tradition, the control of breathing, or pranayama, is considered to be the foundation of the practice of yoga. This is also true for meditation. Regulating the breathing pattern is an essential part of calming the mind. When breath is controlled, it can not only help to attain a state of altered consciousness but can also bring about a whole physical regenerative process.

The development of proper breathing habits, while important in meditation, is also essential to maintain vitality and aid in general health, helping to alleviate many common ailments. There are three prevailing respiratory processes. Ranging from the more shallow to deeper breathing, they are: breathing from the chest, breathing from the ribs, and abdominal breathing.

It is the latter, also known as deep breathing, that is the ideal. Deep breathing is primarily done via an action of the diaphragm the muscular partition separating the chest and abdominal cavities. As you breathe in, the diaphragm pulls your lungs downwards. The abdomen extends as the diaphragm lowers, allowing more capacity for the lungs to expand as they fill with air.

With your outbreath, the diaphragm lifts back against your lungs, which helps to expel carbon dioxide. Chest, or shallow, breathing inhibits the range of motion of the diaphragm, which in turn limits the amount of oxygen reaching the lowest portion of the lungs, sometimes resulting in a feeling of anxiety due to the shortness of breath; rapid shallow breathing can even cause loss of consciousness. In contrast, deep abdominal breathing nurtures a full exchange of oxygen — exchanging incoming oxygen for outgoing toxins. In addition to a controlled heartbeat, this deep abdominal breathing can also lower or stabilize blood pressure.

The first breathing method given opposite incorporates all three breathing processes, and is designed to exercise all parts of the respiratory tract and lungs. Go ahead and give it a try now. It is also important to always breathe in through the nose, as nasal breathing filters out impurities in the air, something that inhalation of breath through the mouth cannot do.

In addition to providing a protective filter, breathing through the nose also warms the air to a temperature suitable for the body. Breathing in cold air through the mouth can result in inflammation of the respiratory organs. Sit erect and breathe in through the nostrils, first filling the lower part of the lungs, then the middle, and finally the top.

This should be done in one slow and steady breath. Hold the breath for a few seconds. Exhale slowly, holding the chest in a firm position while slightly drawing in the abdomen. Lift the chest upwards slowly, as the air leaves the lungs. Once the air has been exhaled, both chest and abdomen can be relaxed. Deeply inhale through the nose and hold the air for a few seconds. Pucker the mouth and vigorously exhale some of the air through the lips. Pause, holding the remaining breath for a few further seconds, before exhaling a little more of the air. Continue alternating between exhaling some breath and pausing until all of the air has been exhaled.

The Cleansing Breath is a valuable yoga breathing technique, good to use at the end of a meditation. Brown noise The power of this quality of sound is based more on the lower frequency range even than pink noise. It can occur in nature as a steady wind, especially when blowing through trees.

The science of sonic colours is more complex than all this, and involves factors such as pitch, but this need not concern us here. Similarly, research shows that these three kinds of sound can, variously, improve relaxation, sleep, concentration, and even memory, but again — while all most welcome benefits — this is outside our immediate frame of reference. In this, Siddhartha, exhausted and despondent after being on a failed spiritual quest for many years, stays with an old ferryman sage called Vasudeva.

One day, when the two men are returning from taking a traveller across the river, the old man invites Siddhartha to pay close attention to the sound of the water flowing vigorously beneath them. It laughs and cries. Its voice becomes full of longing,.

The reason for deciding to meditate can be as straightforward as simply wanting to learn how to relax, to reduce the stress of daily life and gain the health benefits that come from that. Or, you may find it to be a useful tool to assist in a personal spiritual quest. Whatever the reason, some basic preparation is key. This chapter offers advice for creating a meditation space in your home, as well as suggestions and exercises to help you prepare yourself physically, with an emphasis on posture and breathing. The rules and gifts of herb lore, scrying, healing, tasseomancy, numerology and candle magic have been passed down to her through several generations.

From salutations to the sun in the summer to winter healing blessings, here are over spells, prayers, blessings and rituals to embrace the changing seasons. There is plenty to do, from planting bulbs that give life and colour to the garden in spring, to creating a safe haven for wildlife to hibernate. This could be done by turning a plant pot on its side and putting some dry leaves inside for hedgehogs and other hibernating creatures to bury down into during the long winter.

The autumn garden is alive with colour and magic. Five herbs that dominate this season; fennel, rosemary, sage, mint and oregano. However, the five plants of the autumn garden pentagram are as follows:. The Sternbergia lutea, sometimes called the fall daffodil or yellow autumn crocus due to its bright yellow petals, flowers throughout the autumn months into winter. The beautiful flowers bloom soon after the leaves appears. When the sun may not be shining quite so brightly, these flowers give off a shine like a miniature sun in the garden. This attractive plant, the Oxalis versiculor, is otherwise known as the candy cone sorrel, and it is easy to see why.

The beautiful flowers look very much like a candy cone with red stripes on a white background.


They flower from late summer through to winter. This plant looks lovely grown in containers near the patio or near the house and in December it makes a natural Christmas decoration with its candy cone red and white stripes. The Crocus sativas is more commonly known as the saffron crocus. The lilac purple flowers produce the red stigmas that have been used for flavouring dishes and making dyes since Roman times. It was prized throughout the ancient world.

The spice saffron comes from the red stigma inside their lilac flowers. The Monarda plant is a member of the bergamot family. Its scarlet flowers have wonderful colour in early autumn and the subsequent black pepperpot seed heads last through the winter too. The crushed leaves of the Monarda plant exude a fragrant essential oil that has been used for centuries by the indigenous peoples of America. The Monarda is of the mint family and so has a bitter spearmint or peppermint taste.

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Its other names are bee balm, horsemint and bergamot, due to the fragrance of its leaves. However, it should not be confused with the actual Citrus bergamia that we get the tea from. Berberis is an amazing shrub with colours that encompass the colours of all seasons. Its leaves change from green into red, orange and yellow. Historically, the barberry has been used for everything from yellow dyes to cooking and herbal remedies. Scientists are now discovering that its effects are better than conventional drugs in treating certain ailments Autumn. Beltane Traditions Late spring is a time of flowers, fun, fairies and love.

There are so many Celtic customs associated with the month of May in the northern hemisphere, primarily because of Beltane, the festival of the god Beli, or Belenus, as some refer to him, which is celebrated on 1 May. In Ireland, 1 May is viewed as the first day of summer. A public holiday is held on the first Monday in May in the British Isles. In the southern hemisphere the same festival is celebrated at the end of October. There are ancient places in the British Isles that were named in honour of Beli. There is so much magical heritage at this time at the end of spring, from May poles and spring processions to the Queen of May.

People used to gather knots of hawthorn blossom together, which some believe is where the song comes from:. Here we go a gathering nuts in May The day actually began the night before with May Day Eve bonfires and just like the veil of the world at Samhain see page 00 those who have crossed over can once again walk among us. At Beltane the veil between our world and the enchanted world is lifted, allowing fairies, sprites, elves and goblins to run free. Traditionally, young women washed their faces in the morning dew believing it would keep them young and beautiful forever.

People would sing May carols and songs. They would call for treats for themselves, although usually the treat was money. In the Beltane festivities there is also often a man covered by a cage of leaves. He symbolises the death of winter and the birth of spring.

The Morris men of Britain are another traditional part of the Beltane festivities. They wear hats with ribbons, have large handkerchiefs, or sticks and also have bells on their legs. The idea of the stick and the bells was to stamp and drive out evil spirits. The stamping and the ringing of bells was said to waken the spirits of the earth after their long sleep of winter. In other parts of the British Isles the ground was beaten with sticks to dive out the spirits of winter to ensure a good harvest in the coming months.

Unlocking the mysteries of your nocturnal mind through dreamwork exercises and techniques, this self-help book shows you ways to remember, understand and guide your dreams for greater self-awareness. Lori Reid is a leading astrologer with clients around the world. Certain foods tend to help promote strong dreams, the infamous example, of course, being cheese.

Another dietary dream-enhancing option is vitamin B6. This vitamin significantly increases both the intensity and frequency of dreams. You can take this as a dietary supplement remember never to exceed the dosage indicated on the bottle , as well as making sure that you eat foods rich in B6, such as eggs and fish. As well as food and drinks that aid dreaming, some do inhibit it: alcohol, for example reduces REM sleep. Another way of giving yourself a head start in the dream stakes is by creating a dream pillow — these were used in the sickroom to ease the nightmares that may come with medicine.

Stuff a small pillow with several ounces — even a pound — of dry mugwort Artemisia vulgaris , obtainable from herbal suppliers or even some health food shops. Mugwort can promote vigorous dreaming, and American herbalist, Jeannie Rose, specifically recommends it for that purpose — she has described some of the dramatic dreams she has had using this herb.

Put out this pillow on those nights when you want to focus on dreaming as part of your bedtime ritual. Do not use this pillow every night, and remember that mugwort contains a substance that can induce miscarriage, so do not use it if pregnant. Make the process of going to sleep with dreaming in mind as deliberate and conscious as possible. There are a number of ways of doing this, but they all essentially boil down to conducting personal rituals at bedtime. Undertake the type of deliberate actions that not only will focus the conscious mind, but that will speak easily to the subconscious mind — the whole purpose of ritual through the ages.

You may like to burn incense in a safe holder that you use only in association with your dreamwork another way of altering your sleeping environment ; then stand at the foot of the bed openly intoning or mentally reciting a short intention to dream vividly tonight. Clary sage Salvia sclarea is an hypnotic essential oil, and in most people it will cause a pleasant relaxation it is used to treat asthma for this reason.

In many people, it will promote dreams as well, and a few may find it produces a sense of euphoria. Unless you are particularly brave, be careful not to use clary sage in conjunction with alcohol, as this combination is likely to generate powerful hallucinatory nightmares. When clary sage is an ingredient in a base carrier oil, it is safe to apply it directly to the skin.

Apply just a small dab of the oil to one or more of these locations. To obtain the best effect from the clary sage, eat fairly lightly throughout the day, and do not use it with the mugwort pillow described opposite. I appeal to you, Morpheus, Lord of Dreams, To grant me visions this night. Turn my pillow into a pillar of dreams, And cause my soul to take flight!

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It can be any set of actions you wish — even standing on your head if that helps! Oobes can start in a number of ways. Judging from surveys by Celia Green, the British writer who recorded first-hand accounts, the majority of cases occur involuntarily. It could be caused simply by fatigue. More often it happens as a result of an accident or other powerful physical or psychological trauma or stress. Many people, though have oobes for no apparent reason.

In many of these types of out-of-body experiences, the physical body can carry on performing its physical activity — walking, driving and so on; even talking. A number of public speakers have reported hearing their own voices as if coming from somewhere else, and then feeling as if floating over the audience watching themselves, still speaking, on the stage or podium.

Not all episodes occur during waking life, in arousing, stressful or traumatic situations. A significant category of involuntary oobes seem to occur when people are falling asleep at night, having a nap, just waking up, or are otherwise in a highly relaxed, quiescent state.

Usually people awake from sleep to find themselves looking down at their bodies in bed. In some cases, people enter an apparent oobe directly from a lucid dream. Many of the pioneer astral travellers recommended this as a way of inducing the experience, as they all had experiences that seemed to be lucid dreams in addition to and in association with a strand of experience they assumed to involve the literal exteriorization of the spirit or mind. Green found that subjects fell into two main groups: those who had just one involuntary experience in their lives, and those who were able to deliberately induce repeated oobes.

Induction was usually performed when falling asleep or waking up. In an astral projection you may sometimes find yourself looking down on your body, usually from above or nearby. You may be in a duplicate of your body or simply be a point of awareness. The basic idea is that there are various levels of existence, with physical reality being the most basic. The next level is the etheric, which is intermediate between the physical and the third, astral level.

In the Theosophical. Protection Charms Harness your energy force to guard against psychic attack Learn how to work with charms, symbols, chakras and talismans to create the energetic arsenal you need to align yourself with positive outcomes and ward off negativity and danger. Professional palmist and astrologer Roz Levin was a counsellor in alternative therapies focusing on heath and encouraging the potential in each of her clients. Learn how the moon affects more than just the tides — it also impacts every living organism, our moods and our decision-making.

Jane Struthers is a professional astrologer, as well as a writer, tarot reader, palmist and homeopath. She has written 30 nonfiction books on a wide variety of topics that include astrology, tarot, and the British countryside. She is the weekly astrologer for Bella magazine, and regularly lectures on astrology and the tarot. To find your birth sign, or pinpoint the moon sign for any given date, just follow these three simple steps:.

The Quick-reference Planner on pages —73 lists the lunar phases giving you the dates of each quarter moon from —, to help you choose auspicious dates for future events such as moving into a new home pick a day when the moon is in Cancer , launching a new business find the moon in Capricorn , or choosing that special day for anything from planning a wedding to the best time to plant potatoes!

But what if you want to look back in time, to find out where the moon was on the day you got married, for example, to see what influence this has had on your relationship? Or on the day you started that new job? And what about your own moon sign the sign at the time of your birth?

How might this have affected your vulnerabilities and susceptibilities? Every month, the moon zips through all twelve astrological signs, spending about two-and-a-quarter days in each one and returning to the same position in the zodiac on the same date every nineteen years. Find your year of birth or the year in question in the columns on the left, then read across to find the moon sign listed for the relevant month the chart lists the moon signs on the first day of each month.

But what sign was the moon in on that day? Find in Chart 1, then read across until you reach the column for the month of September. On the first day of that month, the moon was in Scorpio. Chart 2 shows that for the 15th day of the month, six signs must be added on from Scorpio. Now, locate Scorpio in Chart 3 and, moving clockwise around the wheel, count through six signs. Failure or success — it can all hang on the day you choose! Hold a sale at full moon and your products will fly out of the door. Postpone your promotion for one week and your campaign will bomb like a damp squib.

Yes, there are auspicious days to apply for a new job, hold meetings, forge agreements and sign contracts. The moon can affect the money markets, budgets and investments. Launch your new business on the right day and its chances of prospering are enhanced.


A holistic introduction to the core concepts of astrology, the book reveals the symbolic connections and mysterious relationships that underpin not just our connection to the stars, but also magic, herbalism and alchemy. A regular contributor and horoscope columnist to both magazines and community forums, Lisa Mendes has also been published on the popular astrology website Skyscript and runs a successful astrology practice and blog. And yet, what we may not realize is that the biblical creation story actually originates from Mesopotamia, which also happens to be the birth place of astrology.

Creation myths are central to any cosmology, creating a powerful foundation story upon which cultures can then build and flesh out their worldviews. Many begin with binary relationships, including the division of light and dark, night and day, male and female, and of course, the most fundamental of them all, that of sky and earth.

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It has been used to represent a medieval cosmology: a flat earth bounded by a star-studded sky. The living room or sitting room is usually the place where family and friends gather, so you need to create an environment that is conducive to relaxation and conversation. If the living room leads directly on to the street or if several doors lead into the room, it can leave you feeling vulnerable. In contrast, a dark, confined living area creates oppressive conditions. Arrange your furniture to provide protection from the rush of energy that. The sofa is usually the item of furniture used most frequently; therefore it needs support from a wall or from another piece of furniture the same principle applies for armchairs.

Try to organize lights so they enhance this; do not use bright fluorescent tubes or bulbs directly above your head, since they may cause headaches and nausea. A fish pond or ornamental pool in a front garden is also said to attract good fortune from distant places. The gentle movement of water is life-giving and yang — this is seen in the flow of a river or the smooth swell of the sea — but when water is hit by violent storms or becomes stagnant it has strong yin qualities and can be destructive.

This same principle applies to ponds, pools and aquariums. Curves and Symmetry Circles and round structures are a sign of something that is complete as well as being an indication of satisfaction and happiness. If you are designing a garden, buying a house or choosing furniture, aim for curves and balance so that an overall symmetry is created. While it is not always.

Complete shapes also provide more positive readings than irregular designs. For example, a rectangular or square plot of land is preferable to one that has sides of different lengths, while a room with two bays is more balanced than one with one narrow extension. Sometimes a structure can accommodate unusual shapes or uneven sections if it creates an overall impression of balance and proportion and relates harmoniously to the landforms around it. Rounded, symmetrical. These are believed to be the spirits of the deceased who have been buried without adequate funeral rites and continue to wander the earth.

At New Year they are frightened off with firecrackers but at the Hungry Ghost festival, on the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month, their spirits are appeased with offerings, prayers and liturgies in the hope that they will be placated and respond benevolently. They are also a useful indicator of someone entering a room in situations where your view of the door is obstructed.

This part of the workbook takes you on a step-by-step journey through the rural landscape and into an urban environment, including readings for specific rooms in your home or workplace. Simply throw the three coins six times to create a hexagram. Each of the resulting 64 hexagrams can be read for platonic friendship, an existing partnership or a new romance. Rosemary Burr is a therapist, healer and journalist who has been working with the I-Ching for over twenty years. After a career in finance and publishing she retrained as a therapist specializing in colour, breathwork and sound therapy.

Imagine yourself as an emotional surfer riding the high waves and maintaining your balance as the wave decreases. Self-acceptance and forgiveness will help you remain balanced. Respect and value yourself; then the people you attract into your life will enhance your emotional well-being and physical vitality. If necessary, seek independent counselling to help you boost your self-esteem and learn to release past disappointments. Make sure you use this time to build firm foundations that will survive the bad times as well as the good ones. You can renew your initial sense of joy, excitement and passion.

Enjoy a new sense of vibrancy and vitality in this relationship. This is a great time to meet someone special and strengthen your relationship. Use this period to develop mutually acceptable goals and strategies that can last a lifetime. Do your friends share your interests? If need be, explore new places, groups or classes, as this will help to widen your social circle. As you develop new friendships with like-minded people, you will find old friends gradually moving away from you.

Accept this natural process of change gracefully. If you do, you will lose their respect. Instead, take steps to boost your own confidence and inner strength. This is a time to show your loving and caring side. You can create a warm and supportive circle of friends. Spend more time on your personal relationships and focus less on material issues. A sense of discernment and a greater level of detachment will enable you to increase your emotional well-being. If need be, go on a personal development course, seek advice from an independent counsellor or spend more time outside in natural surroundings.

You have learned the lessons of love the hard way — through trial and error.

Now you can enjoy the fruits of your emotional experience. Any relationship you are in at present can benefit from your growing compassion and understanding. Make sure you use this time well. Beware of fair-weather friends and partnerships based on lust rather than love. Spend time resolving any niggling issues in old relationships as well as developing new ones.

You might have decided that you had no time for romance or more friends, but this new person in your life will change that perception. Enjoy sharing your life with someone who understands the inner you. These principles, each represented by a three-line configuration known as a trigram, explain the often confusing and chaotic world which we call reality, and are at the heart of all situations we face. If we can tune into these principles, or elements of energy, through our own thoughts and transfer the energy signature into a hexagram, we can reach the core of the situation.

This is a time to count your blessings. Sincere friends and loving partners can help you make the most of your life. Enjoy focusing on the moment. You can develop this friendship further by letting it blossom in its own time. Is the basis of this relationship true friendship and respect? Your outer relationship reflects the inner you. This is a good time to meditate, grow spiritual and develop your intuition. Enjoy the daily ebb and flow of your relationship. If you try to cling on to someone who wishes to leave, you will cause yourself heartache.

Find true happiness within. Your popularity is increasing and you feel more attractive and outgoing. Enjoy this sensation, but be discriminating about your choice of intimate friends and lovers. This is a great time to add to your circle of friends and to explore new activities that enhance your ability to enjoy life. The I-Ching provides a model of reality that explains why change occurs and describes the underlying laws at work.

It is based on the assumption of a division between spirit and matter; spirit gives birth to and includes within itself matter. We see reality as dualistic — male and female, yin and yang — but this is an illusion: the only difference between yang represented by a solid line and yin a broken. The modern Western mind can find it hard to grasp the symbolism of the eight universal principles.

Basically, heaven is the all-encompassing energy pouring forth its qualities on to the earth. These seven qualities each vibrate at their own level and have a different impact on the matter they come into contact with — one enlivens, one pacifies, one harmonizes, and so on. Remember that we are just seeing a part of the whole.

The energies combine in pairs to form sixty-four hexagrams, but what do the eight energies represent? Heaven inspires and motivates us, and moves us to more elevated thoughts and feelings. Earth stabilizes us, provides a resting place — a place we can sow our seeds away Earth from the harsh reality around us. We can nurture them until the time is right for the seedlings to emerge and flower.

Earth helps to break down old patterns and thoughts, to transform negative into positive; garbage becomes manure. Over time, water wears down rock. If you continue to be true to yourself then Water you can create change too. Just as water changes its form, so we can alter our appearance, but to be successful we must steer a lifepath using our souls as guidance.

Go within and find your own truth. Thus you stay true to yourself and events are transformed by your persistent actions. Thunder creates a loud bang, which wakes people up from their slumber. The action of thunder is arousal — it indicates a situation that is overheated and has excess energy that needs to be channelled in a different form. Just as the air is clear after the. Mountains are large, still areas of energy, both obstacles and opportunities. They Mountain symbolize meditation and the raising of consciousness on the one hand, and outdated beliefs that have become obstacles on the other.

Wind moves things from one place to another — it is a messenger, symbolizing Wind communication, the spreading of ideas. Lake is a receptacle on the earth for water which represents our soul potential, Lake activated through the heart. Fire lights up our lives, letting us see at night and creating light out of darkness, but to make fire you need a spark and material to ignite. Only then will your passion be turned into a healing and transforming flame.

Unlock and experience the power of crystals through harnessing the power of your seven chakras through visualisations and meditations, with the seven beautiful crystals included. Dr Kate Tomas is a renowned psychic, witch and crystal healer who works to awaken people to their infinite potential and help them tap into their innate gifts. One of the most sought-after magickal practitioners working today, she holds a doctoral degree in philosophical theology from the University of Oxford and lives between London and New York with her spouse Ames, two rescue cats, George and Gershwin, and a rescue chihuahua, Dominic.

For our work with crystals, we need only a good, basic understanding of the chakras; where each one is located and how they affect our energy. If you could see energy, you would be able to perceive that the energy emanating from the chakras spins like a wheel. In English they are named after their location on the human body: the base at the base of the spine , the sacral just below the navel , the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the brow and the crown at the top of the head.

The location of the first five chakras has a corresponding main nerve ganglion on the spinal column, and the top two the brow and crown chakras correspond with the two main parts of the brain upper and lower. In medical terms, a ganglion is a group of nerve cells forming a nerve centre, specifically one located outside the brain or spinal cord. It is a centre of power, activity or energy. We can see, therefore, that the seven main chakras are locations not only of spiritual, emotional and mental energy and power, but also of physical energy. The chakras are incredibly important parts of our being.

Our bodies are made up of vibrating matter, and our chakras are centres for this vibrating energy. If the vibration of one or more of our chakras is out of balance, this can, over time, lead to physical, emotional or mental problems. Keeping our seven chakras clear and vibrating at their ideal frequency will create a strong sense of health and balance on all levels: emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. Understanding the relationships between our subtle bodies such as our auras and chakras can significantly improve our quality of life and prevent illness and disease. Set aside a particular time to practise this meditation when you know you will not be disturbed.

Get comfortable and make sure that the room in which you are going to be meditating is warm enough. Prop yourself up on cushions if necessary, or sit in a chair that supports your body. Select the crystal you are going to be meditating with, in this case sodalite, and hold it gently in whichever hand feels most comfortable. You are now ready to begin. Publication: Autumn Janet Piedilato is a transpersonal psychologist and a complementary health-care consultant. She has spent a lifetime studying the value of altered states as represented by visionary, dream and shamanic experiences, and was a student of Stanley Krippner, world-renowned dream psychologist.

This four-card spread is used in the morning, when you are freshly awake from sleep. The act of shuffling the deck and picking three cards at random helps you focus on the issue most important for the coming day. A fourth additional card demonstrates the possible final resolution of the issue. To begin, focus upon a situation, problem or question — something that is a puzzle in progress — and formulate your question.

Card 1 The issue at hand Card 2 What influences its progress from the previous day Card 3 The new influence present in the coming day Card 4 Possible outcome. She drew the following cards:. Two of Wands Creative potential is not actualized. This card indicates the situation is in limbo, repressed, or in gestation waiting for the right moment.

Eight of Swords Misinterpretation leaves the truth of the situation hidden. Things are left unresolved due to lack of understanding of the true core of the problems. Work to understand and resolve issues. Ace of Wands Here is the potential of energy to move past blocks and difficulties, and to open to new positive pathways involving intuitive creative talents.

A blockage is broken, with the rise of the hidden from the visionary realm. The day promises new insights on the difficult problem at hand. Likewise, the Mermaid — wisdom of the unconscious depths — is a protector, the inner voice that helps the Hanged Man see truth. She manifests dreams, reminding him she has him securely within her protection, and that time is finite, as well as of the trials and sorrows it manifests. Through dreams and visions she helps Hanged Man remember the truth of his being, empowering him to hold secure and to see beyond the illusions of perception.

Beneath, in the depths of the unconscious waters, is her mascot, Fish of Wisdom. Yet, with passion and devotion to principles of truth, with the wisdom of the unconscious he is not left to endure and rise above his trials without assistance. He is accustomed to weathering the natural ordeals of the different seasons of life as the wheel of time turns, as he ages and grows and experiences equal doses of joy and sorrow, facing life as a series of fleeting moments. He demonstrates the ability to spring back after ordeals — a tenacity to survive and to thrive through many trials, the gift of understanding the truth of the passing of time.

He knows that nothing is permanent and that all things, good and bad, pass into the halls of memory. He has the strength to endure and the will to move beyond all challenges. Thus, while he appears to exist in an impossible position, he knows the truth. He is accompanied in all things by his faithful companion Wolf, guardian and protector of his dreams. Outside of the sphere of time, Wolf keeps the Hanged Man focused on the great spiralling rings of Eternity — on the beyond — where time and space no longer hold one hostage. Champion of all life, the Hanged Man is willing to go beyond all obstacles for love, for truth, for principles.

This is an individual who is tied to a challenging road yet is not without resources. He hangs balanced upon the sphere of time, yet his tenacity and determination to go within the inner depths is demonstrated by his connection to his inner wisdom. He pays attention to his dreams and the messages that rise into consciousness through his intuition. He walks the solitary road, the path less travelled, yet is firmly set on it, accepting of the sacrifices along with the honours. It indicates a time of rest and meditation to re-evaluate the situation.

There will be rewards in store for hard work and hardship — honour and sacrifice for beliefs. It signifies fiery passion and devotion to principles, a faithful champion of truth. Reversed, the Hanged Man may point to the victim, one who makes pointless sacrifices. It indicates someone who wavers in their decisions, unsure of themselves and their path — a person who fails to move ahead, and lacks the power and conviction to do so.

The view of a situation may be upside down, seen from the wrong perspective. There is need to re-evaluate and revisit a situation from a new position. Develop your latent intuitive skills and discover Wiccan wisdom, with this beautifully illustrated divinatory oracle. Publication: Autumn Sally Morningstar is a bestselling author and a respected hedgewitch, healer and psychic investigator.

She runs an international online training course in natural magic, and holds workshops based around relationships to the self and the natural world. Black cats have long been familiars of magical practitioners. Cats are intimately linked to the powers of the moon, and to the feminine principle of psychism, perception and intuition. Their nine lives link to the magical number of the moon.

The energetic realm is as real as the physical one, and energies around you at this time can guide you to great clarity. Patience may well be required. Tread with awareness, using your psychic skills. Black Cat also says, watch those in your circle of acquaintances, as someone may not have your best interests at heart. Increase your psychic protection, withdraw your energy for a while, and do what cats do best — curl up and rest! This spread is for those seeking spiritual advice, guidance or support through their awakening process.

It focuses upon the seven major chakras, the centres of spiritual energy described in yogic philosophy, and gives guidelines on the kind of forces that are available for aligning or balancing each energy centre. For this spread, lie down if possible and place each chosen card on its chakra in turn see opposite. Alternatively, you can also pick just one card for a particular chakra that feels out of balance or alignment, and ask the cards to reveal which particular energy would be helpful. To do this, shuffle and cut the pack and remove your chosen card.

Again, this can be laid on the specific chakra or meditated upon, so that clarity is reached. It is responsible for clarity, consciousness, sleep patterns and nerves. It governs the central nervous system and pineal gland. Imbalances in this area can lead to spiritual confusion, delusions,.

The Ascension Spread is not intended to remove us from the planet. Its purpose is to help us lift the veils of illusion that separate us from the Source, returning us to the pure state of consciousness that is present within us all. It governs. Imbalances in the third eye can lead to sight problems, psychic vulnerability, insomnia and negative thinking. These energy centres draw in, and also radiate, energy. Where a chakra is depleted, there is likely to be a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual reaction. We are not separate from the fabric of the universe.

Where there is an imbalance in the subtle bodies the energies supporting us , a physical imbalance will shortly follow. Each chakra has a specific purpose, and supports particular organs and systems in the body. Imbalances can lead to communication issues, thyroid problems, asthma or upperchest infections. A great and powerful pale, glowing figure stands with arms outstretched in an attitude of openness.

He is totally exposed but invulnerable. Two wings from above brush his temples, indicating freedom and the power to transcend the mundane world. Around his neck is the glyph of Pluto, the planet of transformation. Behind the figure is a wall of vertical bars. Two figures, red with passion, anger and frustration, push against the bars and shout. Their prison is self-made. In the centre is a winged disc containing a square, the integration of heaven and earth.

The face in the square represents humankind and the field of consciousness. Around the winged disc is the great symbol of the ouroboros. This is a serpent swallowing its own tail, a symbol of the endless cycle of life and death, destruction and renewal. At the four corners are the four symbolic triangles of fire, earth, air, and water, with the ouroboros forming the fifth element of spirit. You have, in some way, failed to meet your own expectations, and are giving yourself a hard time as a result. Notice that the bars on the card image are only in front of the figures, not behind: somehow the future has come to a standstill, and there is no moving forward.

The judgement is one that you have made; only you can release yourself from the situation and allow yourself to move on, towards happiness. For a brief moment, you can see who you are and what you want to be doing; there seems to be a real purpose in your life. This card is concerned with making real, life-changing decisions about where you are going to be in the future, and is of major importance to you. Just as I forgive others, I must forgive myself. We selected the earth deck to deal from, as the question is a business one.

A Five, meaning a forced change, suggests that Jenny has probably been pushed into this project by an outside source. All is still at discussion stage. There is uncertainty, hence the question. Two of Air is often a card of frustration, showing a time for waiting when one really needs to get things moving. However, Jenny probably overreacted and was in a state of extreme excitement and anticipation. Cherry is the author of over 20 books on astrology, divination, alchemy and mythology, and has trained and worked in the Western hermetic tradition for many years.

Gila is an artist and expert in Hebrew.

(PDF) What Your Birthday Reveals About eriwubosenuw.tk | Madam Kighal - eriwubosenuw.tk

This fascinating oracle is based on a Kabbalistic map of creation that dates back at least 1, years in the Jewish mystery tradition. Lay the cards on the reading sheet provided, in the zigzag line of creation, then consult the guidebook to receive guidance on any life issue. On the Tree of Life, Chesed is created first. Poets, philosophers and playwrights have all struggled with the issue. Kabbalah tells us that both are necessary, but that the universe could not stay in existence without the presence of Loving-Kindness, another name for Chesed. When judgement has been exercised, what remains is love.

This wheel brings this into a personal context, by including Experience. These four cards contain ambiguity, the sense of standing on the edge between good and bad, health and disease, approval and condemnation. Duality can never entirely be denied, and we must recognize both the good that lies at the heart of tragedy and the dangers inherent in blessings.

Now the sefira of Sense, the external world, has been left behind, throwing the seeker back on their inner resources. The sefira of Tiferet represents the essential self. This is similar to the essential nature of an animal which may be predatory, slothful or excitable.

We can rejoice in its nature because it is free from artifice. Discovering the inner light of Tiferet does not turn people into saints, which is just as well, since rumour has it that saints are hard to live with. Four very different types of people are described here, according to the four elements which rule each wheel. We have reached the level where Essence, or Tiferet, forms the centre of the wheel. This is the highest sefira that human life can be based in; above is Daat, the Abyss, which is a gateway to the supernal world and not strictly speaking a sefira at all, while the topmost sefira is Keter, the Crown of Creation.

We may have intimations of that Crown, but we can never identify with it. To centre on Tiferet marks the entry into a level of selfawareness. Two opposing approaches arise at this stage, but they are in fact two sides of a golden coin. The second is evolution, an impulse to movement that celebrates and transforms the energy at the heart of life. The next set of four cards is also based on the realm of Experience, but here we have a quartet of outlying sefirot, instead of a volatile threefold wheel. This set is also more stable because Tiferet, referred to as Essence, takes its place on the top rim of the wheel.

Essence stands at the gateway between the personal world and the higher world, where the essence and principles of things can be perceived. The flow of Experience, symbolized by the waxing and waning moon, is grounded in Sense and illuminated by the calm solar radiance of Tiferet. As you can see from the oracles for these cards, this brings a certain glamour, but there is still a fine balance between alertness and illusion, between the manifestation of something and its loss or disappearance. The cards span a very human world, with its flashes of higher consciousness, its love of sensuality, and a certain degree of self-importance.

Its known origins go back to medieval times, when it emerged in Provence and Spain, but it is likely that its teachings extend further back by at least several centuries, and it perhaps evolved out of the wisdom schools of Assyria, Babylonia and Egypt. Stylized Tree of Life diagrams very similar to that used here can be found as stone carvings from these cultures, and other related traditions, such as astrology, have also passed along this route. Astrology and Kabbalah are close companions, and the Tree of Life Oracle makes use of the planets, houses and zodiac signs of astrology, especially in the layout of the cards.

Kabbalah passed into European culture during the Renaissance, becoming one of the most important Western mystical philosophies from that time onwards. It also evolved further within Jewish teaching, and is increasingly practised as a way of understanding sacred cosmology. Kabbalah maps out the pathways between man and God. The Tree of Life begins with Keter, the Crown of Creation, the highest source of divine energy that we can know.

The path of creation follows a course known as the Lightning Flash, zigzagging from right to left see page 12 , and as it does so, it sets up three pillars, the three vertical supports of the Tree of Life. Each pillar has its own meaning: the righthand one is masculine, creative and expansive; the left-hand, feminine side, forms and shapes. The central pillar balances the other two, and is known as the Pillar of Consciousness.

As creation unfolds, ten sefirot, or emanations of divine energy, appear. From Keter the path leads to 9. Celtic Totem Animals Working with shamanic helpers John Matthews Here is a fascinating collection of traditional Celtic stories to amaze and entertain. Animal tricksters, boasters and heroes all dwell herein, set amid the dazzling universe of Celtic lore. Spring 20 tear off cards PB x mm pp. The Bone-strength Plan How to increase bone health to live a long, active life x mm 7 x 9 in pp 32, words Colour photographs throughout Publication: Spring An in-depth look at nutrition, lifestyle and exercise to help improve the health of bones and prevent osteoporosis.

She works alongside doctors helping men and women manage their gut health and autoimmune conditions with better nutrition. After that, you lose slightly more bone than you make during bone remodelling. As bones lose their mineral density with age, they become weaker and weaker leading to porous bones that can fracture or break easily. This is called osteoporosis. Generally, the likelihood of developing osteoporosis depends on how much bone mass is attained by age 30 and how rapidly you lose bone mass after that.

However, signs like a loss of height, a stooped posture. There are many risk factors and causes of osteoporosis, some of which are:. Some medications, such as steroids, thyroid drugs, anti-seizure and antacid, have been associated with increased the risk of osteoporosis. It has been shown that cigarette smokers past or current have lower bone mass and higher fracture risks.

Low levels of oestrogen in women and testosterone in men are associated with a higher risk of osteoporosis. Osteopenia vs osteoporosis The chances are you might have heard someone saying that they have been diagnosed with osteopenia. So how does this differ from osteoporosis? Osteopenia is a precursor stage and could be seen as a wake-up call to future problems — the bones are weak but not as severely as in osteoporosis, so there is a lower risk of fracture.


It is usually diagnosed when your doctor sends you for a DEXA dual energy x-ray absorptiometry scan that measures the mineral content of bone. The measurements, known as T-scores, determine which category a person falls into: normal, osteopenia or osteoporosis. Most people are familiar with the many of the benefits of exercise, such as reducing the risk for heart disease and preventing obesity. Perhaps not as well understood is the importance of regular physical activity in building and maintaining healthy bones. Exercise is important for building strong bones when we are younger, and it is essential for maintaining bone strength when we are older.

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