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The Aquarius-Gemini relationship has long-term potential since there's always more to learn and talk about. As a sign known to calm the mentally unstable, Aquarius can be soothing to the Gemini nerves. Gemini may not always understand why Aquarius gets stuck on one idea to the point of obsession, but they will respect their partner's mental focus. Aquarius shows by example how Gemini can harness all of their brain power. There is not a lot of heavy emotion here, which makes it possible for them to be friends first. Long after the lust phase is over, these two are inspired companions—and that's a foundation for enduring love.

It's the glue that holds these signs together. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus the modern ruler and known for sudden moves. Gemini also has an erratic rhythm to its nature and is quick to change. A bond between them can break as suddenly as it forms. Both signs have an escape hatch that they make use of when things get too claustrophobic. For staying power, it helps for Gemini and Aquarius to have a shared purpose, such as raising children or cultivating a passion.

The word "brainstorming" comes to mind—each sign helps the other fully conceptualize their plans.

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Is it all talk and no walk? This will depend on other elements, like earth, in the birth chart. Is there a cool air here, with no feeling? Look to the water element or areas of emotional compatibility. Although both signs have big friend circles, they will want to spend quality time with their beloved to make them feel special. Each one knows their main engagement is the world of ideas, and this makes them philosophical about endings.

Aries March 21 – April 19

Whether they come together for a season or a lifetime, they both know that life goes on. So, how do you sail through these troubling waters, Aquarius? While Aquarians may understand the importance of communicating their thoughts and feelings, they tend to do so while keeping the other person at arm's length and without divulging their true emotions.

Meanwhile, Tauruses, for all their stubbornness, are extremely devoted and reliable partners, making them the perfect match to genuinely open up to. Together, Aquarius and Taurus can create the perfect safe place for one another. Artistic and intuitive, Pisces can struggle understanding their Gemini partner.

For Pisces, Geminis are often very overwhelming. Pisces are very keen to others' needs, wants, and emotions — or at least they try to be. During serious conversations, a Pisces partner might think they're helping their Gemini with a problem until it's clear that the Pisces' "help" is actually more upsetting, and the Gemini partner feels as though their Pisces partner is not understanding what they mean. It'll take a lot of determination for Pisces to make this match work, but the two can really help bring out the best in one another.

Considering Pisces' ability to look at the whole picture with their wisdom and new perspective, Pisces partners can really help their Gemini S. The determined, enthusiastic ram is fiercely courageous, often making them an incompatible match with the doubtful, cool-headed crab. For Aries, it can be difficult creating that calm atmosphere a Cancer partner craves, as An Aries loves to shower their partners with love, gifts, passion, and romantic gestures.

These two incompatible signs will have to work hard to strike a balance between their introverted and extroverted personality traits. Aries can help Cancer come out of their shell more, and Cancer can help Aries control their impulses. Just be wary of tipping the scales too much one way or the other.

Do you want to learn a secret technique anyone can master that will make someone fall in love with just one kiss? Click here to watch the video! For a fiercely reliable, stable, and devoted Taurus, living with a Leo partner is never a dull moment. Both Leos and Tauruses are notorious for their stubbornness.

Additionally, Leos' playful, often self-centered attitud e can really be off-putting to practical Taurus. Leos like to take chances, enjoying their time in the limelight, whereas Tauruses are more traditional and by the book. This can cause fights, with Taurus accusing Leo of always goofing off and Leo thinking Taurus should lighten up. However, this pair can work well together as they tend to push each other outside of their comfort zones. Of course it will have to be in a loving, trusting manner, but encouraging one another to take chances and try new things with plenty of praise and admiration can help make this partnership a healthy and happy one.

Gemini, quick and curious, can find their extremely practical Virgo partner to be boring.

Aquarius and Gemini Love Match

Geminis thrive on having fun, talking, and thrive on lots and lots of affection. They are adaptable to a lot of situations but struggle with Virgo's seeming "all work and no play" motto. Geminis can feel as though their Virgo S.

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Geminis are very expressive with their love and will show their affection in a variety of ways physical touch, gifts, surprises. In order for you two to reconcile your differences, Geminis will need to create a clear, safe, and trusting environment, especially in the home.

Virgos fear vulnerability, but if a Gemini partner can prove their loyalty, honesty, and sincerity, then this pair can enjoy life to its fullest, together. Cancers are known for being loyal, stable, sentimental, and very generous, and this can sometimes make them incompatible with indecisive and superficial Libras.


Aquarius Compatibility With Other Signs

Given their lack of patience, Cancers can find Libras' quest for fairness, understanding of all viewpoints, and hesitation to make a decision very frustrating. If a Cancer simply wants to vent to their Libra partner about an upsetting co-worker or incident, they can quickly become annoyed and angry at Libra's attempt to understand all sides of the story. A Cancer will want their Libra S. O to take their side, but Libras will always weigh all the evidence in front of them, no matter how big or small. These incompatible signs will have to work hard at their communication skills, mainly to make sure they're both on the same page.

If you two can find the perfect formula, you'll foster a compassionate, dedicated relationship. For more expert relationship advice and tips on how to make a long lasting relationship, watch this video: Click Here To Watch The Full Video. Sagittarius partners are known for their ethical and rather philosophical way of thinking. In fact, they are known to succeed within public relations careers due to their amazing ability to defuse tense situations and help people confront their issues. Sounds like a walk in the park, right?

Aries & Aquarius: Love Compatibility

Alas, Pisces are not so easy to understand. Considering Pisces are one of the most emotional and imaginative signs, they almost never fit within the typical mold of society. They are the dreamers of the Zodiac, and as such, always-grounded Sagittarius can really struggle connecting with and understanding their Pisces partner. Sagittariuses are go-getters, however, Pisces might step in and question Sagittariuses' motives or overwhelm them with different goals, options, and results.

While they may have mastered the art of communication and critical thinking, Sagittariuses will need to muster up enough patience to calmly explain themselves to their Pisces partner while also taking into consideration the colorful, imaginative ideas that Pisces are good at giving.

Together, your passion and energy can work really well as a team to achieve all your aspirations. Humorous and passionate Leos often butt heads with their assertive and stubborn Scorpios. Given Leo's strong instinct to be a leader, the always questioning side of Scorpio can grate on Leo's nerves anytime this pair tries to make plans.

Scorpios and Leos are notorious for being stubborn, with an "I'm always right" attitude. This means the two of you are prone to argue, even over the simplest of things, like what kind of paper towels to get. Luckily, these two signs share a powerful common trait: passion. It's Leo and Scorpio against the world! The key is to keep each of the relationship goals front and center and ignore the need to bicker about the details. Remember, pick your battles. With enough motivation, Leo and Scorpio can achieve whatever they put their minds to.

Analytical Virgos are infamous for their critical perfectionism, which can spell trouble for their Sagittarius partner as they greatly value their freedom and really dislike any kind of lecturing or micromanaging. Virgos are hardworking and practical, they love helping others but will hardly waste time on things they deem as pointless or frivolous. Sagittariuses take risks and quickly become restless, meaning they enjoy traveling and hunting for their next big adventure.

Together, the two clash, as Virgos value stability and routine and Sagittariuses shudder at the thought.

Aquarius Compatibility - Astrology Companion

For Virgos, the difficulties with your Sagittarius partner are likely to be based around living, career, and financial decisions. Sagittariuses are the type to take on less stable employment opportunities made available by the gig economy , setting off those red alarms inside your security-motivated heart. Moreover, tensions can run high as Virgos feel as though their Sagittarius partner doesn't understand them or listen, especially since Virgos value trust in their relationships and that can slip away the more Sagittariuses ignore their Virgo partner's needs and wants.

In order to make this relationship work, both partners will have to work outside their comfort zones. Sagittarius will need to be willing to enjoy more time on the couch, PJs on and watching reruns, while Virgos will need to quiet their controlling nature and enjoy the ride more often.

At first, Libra and Capricorn seem like a great match.

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horoscope matches aquarius Horoscope matches aquarius
horoscope matches aquarius Horoscope matches aquarius
horoscope matches aquarius Horoscope matches aquarius
horoscope matches aquarius Horoscope matches aquarius
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