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IaaS: Analogy to housing Rent the house, but yet have to furnish it, make electricity and gas contracts wires and pipes are already there , etc… A. Back to IT: who manages what A. Public cloud- open use by the general public on the premises of the cloud provider Private cloud- exclusive use by a single organization may exist on or off premises Hybrid cloud- the composition of two or more distinct cloud infrastructures private, community, or public bound together by technology that enables data and application portability Community cloud- exclusive use by a specific community from organizations that have shared concerns 4 deployment models of CC A.

Private vs. Public Cloud A. Altogether Figure taken from: K. Cloud benefits A. Cloud challenges A. From Wikipedia Cloud testing is a form of software testing in which web applications use cloud computing environments a "cloud" to simulate real-world user traffic. From Wikipedia Types of testing supported Cloud testing is a form of software testing in which web applications use cloud computing environments a "cloud" to simulate real-world user traffic.

The term is in fact used by researchers and vendors to mean different things: Cloud testing A. The term is in fact used by researchers and vendors to mean different things: A. Testing of the cloud: i. Testing in the cloud: the cloud is leveraged to perform software, Cloud testing A. Testing in the cloud: the cloud is leveraged to perform software, or, of course, C.

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Testing of cloud in the cloud Cloud testing A. Gao, X. Testing of the Cloud dimensions Iyer, G.

Murugesan and I. Iyer, G.


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Security is among the greatest concerns and challenges for cloud-based applications. Testing of the Cloud dimensions Cloud-based applications are designed to work across any platform and device. So compatibility testing needs to be performed for browser compatibility, platform compatibility, and device compatibility. In addition many cloud-based solutions support multiple languages and cultures, and hence localization l10n and internationalization I18N concerns must also be addressed for all supported markets. APIs are direct links between the client code and the infrastructure, hence to test them one might need to develop a client shell, write sample programs to invoke such APIs and then verify the output generated by such APIs.

Further, APIs need to be tested for different types of user loads and security attacks. Under a multi-tenant environment, APIs should also be tested to make sure that tenants are isolated from each other through the APIs. Live testing refers to testing how the system performs when an upgrade or a migration or a disaster happens.

It includes live upgrade testing, testing the robustness of the platform to disasters, measuring recovery time and self-healing ability in case of disaster. Leveraging cloud resources for testing Testing problems Cloud benefits High number of tests Many parallel executions Large investments Possibility to exploit resources and pay for them only when needed Configuration testing Virtualization supports many different configurations The idea is exploiting cloud potential to address the king problem of testing, which is its high cost Riungu, O.

Taipale and K. Mahmood, S. Saeed Ed. The testing activities are done and controlled by the organization. Users do not need to acquire and maintain the test infrastructure, and can select the testing requirements. Users choose the desired configuration and can use real data and traffic for load and perf. Cloud testing models P. Robinson, C. Cloud Computing Technology and Science, Athens, , pp. Migrating testing to the cloud, also said TaaS The SuT is the cloud Testing of the cloud in the cloud Many cloud testing models P.

Testing over clouds Cloud testing refers to testing and measurement activities on a cloud-based environment and infrastructure by leveraging cloud technologies and solutions A wider definition J. Testing in the Cloud J. Migrating testing to the cloud is not without cost, and not necessarily the best solution in all cases. Decision is managerial and depending on the specific context. To cloud or not to cloud? Tilley, T. Why testing in the cloud? When testing in the cloud? How to migrate testing to the cloud? Cloud test infrastructure Reqs P. Vee Cloud Bai, Xiaoying, et al. IEEE, p.

A lab prototype for TaaS It is conceived as a platform-independent virtual test lab to provide on-demand testing services and Internet-scale testing capabilities Vee Cloud uses IaaS service from public clouds to provide testing resource on-demand. Requirement collector provides a Web-based interface for users to define their SLA requirements, select test profile and configure test environment, trace test progress and check results Test controller creates test tasks based on test requirements, generates test runners and allocates test tasks to runners.

Each runner carries a package of test data, test scripts, workload pattern and test driver. Resource manager functions as a broker: it receives testing tasks from test controller, looks up available resources of VM instances, schedules test tasks on the instances, and deploys test runners via adapters to IaaS vendors.

In this way, users can set up their own dedicated test environment and configure tests as needed. Monitor supervises the performance of SUT including the target cloud platform and the applications deployed on the Cloud. A systematic survey is being conducted within ElasTest project RQ2: What are the existing test methods, techniques and tools? RQ3: What are the research issues, challenges and future research directions? SLR on Cloud Testing Cross-browser Testing tools Can test in the lab and in production, and provides real-time results More tools More tools Examples of research proposals leveraging the cloud for software testing The idea is to develop the potential of cloud servers to parallelize massive test executions Leveraging cloud potential MapReduce A.

A MapReduce job usually splits the input data-set into independent chunks which are processed in a parallel manner. Bertolino MapReduce Apache Hadoop is an open-source software framework used for easily writing applications that can process vast amounts of data multi-terabyte data-sets in-parallel on large clusters thousands of nodes of commodity hardware in a reliable, fault- tolerant manner. Test cases are large data sets, and their execution can be Considered as computations that are being distributed over multiple machines for the purposes of reducing their execution time. HadoopUnit A.

In Junit, each test class is considered a test case. Within each test class there can be multiple tests. JUnit test cases are by default independent of one another and each test class can be executed separately. Hence these test cases are well suited to be used with HadoopUnit. What Is Spooking? Who Is Austin Jones? Who Is Emma Roberts' Fiance? Who Is Etika? Who Is Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon? Who Is Jim Townsend? Who Is Maleah Davis? Who Is Michael Aaron Pang?

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tarot tilly january 8 2020 Tarot tilly january 8 2020
tarot tilly january 8 2020 Tarot tilly january 8 2020
tarot tilly january 8 2020 Tarot tilly january 8 2020
tarot tilly january 8 2020 Tarot tilly january 8 2020
tarot tilly january 8 2020 Tarot tilly january 8 2020

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