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Make good, soul-nourishing use of your time by reaching out to past collaborators and friends. Even a person you thought had your back might snap. Type keyword s to search.

Daily Horoscope November 11, 2016: Aquarius

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Aquarius Horoscope For Wednesday, October 9,

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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Monthly Horoscopes The moon in Aquarius finds you in an especially inventive mood as you complete your daily tasks and chores. It's an exciting day to spruce things up at home as the moon connects with the planet of expansion, Jupiter. The moon is in fellow air sign Aquarius today, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules romance and creativity—cute! It's an especially lovely time for communication as the moon connects with generous Jupiter. Inspiring ideas are shared, and people are in a giving mood.

The four elements describe people's personality traits

The moon in Aquarius finds you focusing on your home and family life, and reflecting on your past. Security is important to you, and an opportunity to grow your sense of stability arrives as the moon makes a helpful connection with jovial Jupiter. You're in an especially chatty mood today thanks to the moon in intellectual air sign Aquarius!

The moon connects with your ruling planet Jupiter, finding you sharing big ideas. An inspiring piece of news arrives and a helpful energy flows. Your focus is on money today thanks to the moon in Aquarius—but even though your mind is on material matters, do your best to trust your intuition! Even if you can't find words to express your feelings, your senses are leading you to important conclusions as the moon mingles with Jupiter. The moon is in your sign today, Aquarius! You may act more impulsively than usually, more erratic and odd. But you are finding your own unique self-expression which in the long run is very beneficial.

September 22 to October 4 — Sun trine your decan brings inner calm and balance that adds harmony to your relationships. You will be more efficient and productive so this is a good time to promote yourself and your goals. Superiors will appreciate your positive attitude and initiative.

September 28 to October 28 — New Moon September brings love, enjoyment and good fortune. However, increased fun and romance could force adjustments in other areas of life, or restlessness and boredom may lead you to seek change and excitement in your social or love life. October 2 to 21 — Mars trine your decan brings energy and passion that is well-balanced and not aggressive. Your directness, initiative and good instincts will impress superiors and bring professional success. Extra charisma and sexual magnetism make this a good time for your love life and social life.

October 2 to 11 — Mercury square your decan increases the tempo of life with mental activity, communications, short trips, and errands. The hectic pace can lead to nervous irritability and rushed thinking.

Aquarius monthly horoscope - October 12222

October 5 to 8 — Mercury opposite Uranus on the 7th may leave you feeling tense and scattered because of a range of other unexpected happenings. So try to free your mind of responsibility and go with the flow. It is important to keep an open mind because plans may need changing, or your travels interrupted. October 7 to 17 — Venus square your decan increases your need for love and affection but you will have to work harder to get it.

You may also have to overcome a tendency toward laziness and selfishness. If dating, take care not to lower your standards just to satisfy your needs. Avoid wasting money or going into debt. October 11 to 14 — Venus opposite Uranus on the 12th can signal upset or excitement in your love life, depending how open minded you and your partner are. If single, internet dating could easily bring a thrilling new romance but committment is likely to be in short supply. Avoid impulse buying, especially online. October 22 to November 3 — Sun square your decan makes you work harder just to have things how you want them.

Authority figures may test you and your goals, forcing you to prove yourself and what you are doing.

aquarius november 11 horoscope Aquarius november 11 horoscope
aquarius november 11 horoscope Aquarius november 11 horoscope
aquarius november 11 horoscope Aquarius november 11 horoscope
aquarius november 11 horoscope Aquarius november 11 horoscope
aquarius november 11 horoscope Aquarius november 11 horoscope
aquarius november 11 horoscope Aquarius november 11 horoscope

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