Horoscope week of november 19 2019

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

From the way you speak to the way you approach others, there are still a few lessons to learn. This week, give yourself permission to be the expression of feminine power in your life. Heed your own advice and follow your instincts.

Andi Singh asks is your Birthday November 19th...

Take time out for yourself, too. Powerful people use breaks as a means of restoring their inner strength. This is a practice you'll have to master as well. Taurus, you are due for healing. Your emotions are on the mend and it's about time. You don't have time to waste. You don't like to feel negative emotions anyway. Get ready to let go of any anger, resentment, or unhappiness.

This week, you are ready for some good vibrations. Invite the universe to give you what your heart desires. Open your hands to receive. Think about the fun things that you are prepared to experience. Write them down and put them by your bed at night. Read them every day and use your desire to fuel your dreams. Gemini, it's decision time. You have been bouncing around ideas and now it's time to make a decision.

Finish putting things down on paper is the first step. Now, you'll have to commit. Expect to receive some guidance from friends or even from your guardian angels. Yoga, meditation, but more importantly, clearing things off your plate.

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Make your home and work environments the kind of places where you aren't thinking of things you don't need to be thinking about. This week, it's time to get into your own zone and productivity. Cancer, a lucky week for you. An unexpected gift or good news comes your way and it's even more than you were expecting. Perhaps this comes to you in a form of a bonus or extra work that you've wanted to take on.

As the new year approaches you close a season in your life early.

This week you may be in a time of transition. You will experience a new beginning that brings you a lot of happiness.

November 19, 12222 United States Holidays & Popular Observances

Leo, embrace spiritual activities. Whether it be humming, meditating, yoga, or music, embrace the essence of you. You are drawing closer to realizing what it is that you desire to do with your life, so now start as if it were already here. As you radiate more love in your life, you'll draw it to yourself in a powerful way.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Virgo, expect a miracle to come your way. You may have set an intention or prayer that is going to be answered for you. Even though it seems as though things aren't going your way, there is an order to what's happening around you that you will realize and understand once this phase of your life is over. This week, believe in the sweet victory that's coming your way. Libra, you are a caretaker but it's okay to let others take care of you. When people are able to share in the process of love in the relationship, they get a sense of reward and value.

It may be a pride issue that stops you from accepting help. Scorpio, your thought life is a creative force.



As a sign of the 8th House, you will want to think life. Think of things that bring life to you and to others who you love. Avoid negative thinking and negative people. You may be entering into an awareness about a special gift that you have to help others, particularly children or those with special needs.

Sagittarius, there's a thought about a past situation and the reason this happens is that you had not resolved this area of your life. This week, you start a stage of emotional healing that helps you grow. This week, with the new release of your mental energies you might birth new ideas.

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Write them down and let them become a part of your new thought life. Power Moves: Welcome to your birthday month, Wild Pony. What will you choose? Crack yourself open to untried opinions. What are you not yet ready to share that you can instead keep for the tenderness of your own private dance? This Full Moon is a potent reminder that you have all the time and space in the world to become the defender of your own desires. Consider your relationship to direct experience right now. What has become unduly multilayered or complex in your life? What can be stripped down so that you can come face-to-face with its makeup-free beauty?

What have you been keeping privately guarded that has started to feel less like a precious retreat and more like a prison? Take this week for remembering the courage in speaking the seemingly unspeakable into being. For sharing what you think must be stifled for you to be loved. Your softest meat is the most delicious, Pisces. Bring it to the table on your own terms. Make like a tree, Aries, and bend to let the wind whip you without breaking. But sometimes, amidst your penchant for pragmatism and desire to root down, you forget how to dance.

What has become rote in your life? Strip away the extraneous and turn your attention to the juice. You deserve the most delicious nectars. Power Moves: Ownership, Gemini. What does this word bring to the surface for you? Maybe it makes you feel boxed in, or maybe it feels deeply queenly.

Stand your ground, sink in, and commit to acting your actual size.

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Or letting another person behave exactly as they are without critique. Or just floating in the bathtub a little longer. Take this opportunity to become porous, Cancer, and to let yourself be tumbled to softness like a stone in a riverbed. Power Moves: Catch a glimpse of all your angles in the mirror, Glitter Kitten.

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Where have you become one-sided? What if you could surrender to the belief that you actually belong everywhere, exactly as you are? Gemini and Sag energy remind you that you are a prism, and that one of your most profound gifts is to give the rest of us courage to bring our full color palette forward.

horoscope week of november 19 2019 Horoscope week of november 19 2019
horoscope week of november 19 2019 Horoscope week of november 19 2019
horoscope week of november 19 2019 Horoscope week of november 19 2019
horoscope week of november 19 2019 Horoscope week of november 19 2019
horoscope week of november 19 2019 Horoscope week of november 19 2019
horoscope week of november 19 2019 Horoscope week of november 19 2019
horoscope week of november 19 2019 Horoscope week of november 19 2019
horoscope week of november 19 2019 Horoscope week of november 19 2019
Horoscope week of november 19 2019

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