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Could you please elaborate on this, so that I will be able to include all dates in future studies and use the most up to date sun sign division. The question of which sign the Sun is in is one of celestial mechanics, so from a methodological viewpoint it would really have been better to consult physicists or astronomers rather than the home pages of astrologers. An astrological chart, of which the Sun sign is a small part, is effectively a snapshot of the positions of all the planets at the precise moment someone was born.

Up to this point, astrologers and mainstream scientists are in full agreement - the objection that mainstream science has to astrology isn't in the calculation of planetary positions indeed, the ephemerides most commonly used by astrologers are based on NASA's publicly available JPL data , but in the significance that astrologers ascribe to these positions. The problem with astrology websites, or newspaper horoscope columns, is that they are necessarily approximate. If I were to ask a colleague "what was the precise ecliptic longitude of the Sun at the moment you were born?

If I ask them "what zodiac sign are you? Since most people know their date of birth, horoscope columns can give approximations by saying "Pisces - 19 Feb Mar". In fact, this does vary slightly. In , it will move into Pisces on 19 February at UT. In it will be 18 February again at UT. Since people record their birth dates and times using local time, this means that most people born in San Fransisco on 18 February will have Sun in Pisces anyone born after PST , although the newspaper horoscope page would probably convince them they were "an Aquarius". Similarly, nobody born in Australia on 18 February will be a Pisces, and quite a few people born on 19 February will still be Aquarius.

Newspaper horoscopes can't take this subtle variation into account easily - but one would hope that a scientific study attempting to look at correlations would, although this would require you having accurate birth dates, times and locations. You've pointed out that you're not an expert on astrology - and the problem with using astrological homepages on the Web as the basis for quotes in an academic paper is that these sources are not necessarily accurate; anyone can set up a home page without the need for peer review.

I'm sure if an academic were doing a study to verify the findings of physicists they would ask a physicist to verify that the methodology was sound. For future studies, it might be valuable to consider asking an astrologer or two to review the methodology to see if there are objections to the method that you might wish to address before publication. The question of whether Sun sign is a valid indicator of intelligence is of course an astrological one, and for that it may have been worth asking astrologers how valid that hypothesis is - I think most astrologers would be astonished if you'd found a significant correlation, since astrologically Mercury and not the Sun is considered to be the planet relating to intellect, and the concept of Mercury being "strong" in a birth chart would depend on far more than the sign it is in.

It would have been preferable to have EXACT birthdates of the subjects, however, these were not available. But I see your point, but as mentioned we circumvented this by throwing borderline cases out. The study is not perfect and we are not saying that We never claimed that astrology said anything about IQ and sunsigns.

As for other aspects of astrology, please also notice that we explicitly state that astrology as such has not been disproved, but that the independent effect of sunsigns in relation to personality as some astrological theories apparently claim and IQ as we tested in relation sunsigns is not likely.

Any effect of Mercury, or ascendance or such was not tested, and NO claim were made in respect to this. If you disagree please find the citation in my article and I will elaborate on it. After the attack Yet, allowing for that, three things are clear: The researchers have very little idea of the technical background to what they are researching and do not understand the basic motions of the solar year and the effect of leap years upon it.

Even more important, they do not understand the highly complex nature of astrology and the way that popular media columns simplify it for the general public - rather like judging the entire body of classical music on the basis of listening to Chopsticks on the piano. Hartmann, I was interested to read your paper "The relationship between date of birth and individual differences in personality and general intelligence: A large-scale study", and astonished to read the following statement in your paper: "Where one Sun Sign stops and another starts is not completely agreed upon among astrologers, due to slightly different methods of estimating an individual Sun Sign.

Regards, Chris Mitchell. It looks as though you are going to sail fairly smoothly where finances are concerned, probably because you will keep your head well and truly screwed on the right way, whilst simultaneously keeping your wits about you at work on devising a few excellent plans for your long term future.

Be prudent when it comes to money, always spending carefully and prioritise what is important and what is unnecessary.

There could also be some very unexpected news concerning a monetary windfall involving you as a beneficiary to a Will or Legacy made in your favour or some lucky numbers that could change your life forever. There could be an element of turbulence in a current relationship with a few stormy moments to overcome, so good communication with your partner is vitally important if you are to move forwards in your relationship.

A secret related to your romantic choices could also be revealed, so discretion must be exercised because this year is not the time to trust anyone you harbour doubts about with your deep seated thoughts and feelings. There could also be a temporary separation until you are sure of what or who you really want. If single and serious about meeting a soul mate, luckily you will not be alone for long and you can look ahead to a bright light at the end of the tunnel you have found yourself stuck in.

Romantic opportunities will arise when you least expect and the end of the year could see you looking forward to some very interesting developments between you and someone you find totally irresistible and drawn towards like a magnet. If marriage is on your mind, it sounds as though this year will provide the setting for a very special personal celebration and if you are currently sharing your days with a soul mate, then you may even consider blessing your union and reaffirming your vows.

The coming year ahead promises to be very eventful, fast moving and demanding of your time and energy. Your patience will be seriously tested at times and you will often need to take a few steps back, just to give yourself a breather and time to re-evaluate and reassess your position. Always trust your gut feelings, even if you do not like what they are saying, because they are there to help and protect you. The dominant theme of the year is confusion because so many choices will be on offer. The only mistake you could make is by denying yourself an opportunity because you do not feel strong enough or able to hoof yourself out of your comfort zone and try something completely new.

The arrival of sees you with a new level of energy and heightened popularity, which will enable you to stay focused on matters of importance and setting goals that will continually stretch your capabilities. With so much spark and energy, you can be exciting, charismatic and a great communicator, but with your wide range of interests and passions, it can make it difficult for you to stick to one thing in particular because of all the distractions surrounding you. The coming year will act as a wave wiping out the pressures of last year.



Actions speak louder than words so let your performance do the talking, because you are certainly going to make very good first impressions that will all lead to new and influential doors opening. How you market and sell yourself will inform others about your special gifts, attributes and how you can be beneficial to one another. Associating with the right people will enhance your prospects with spectacular results. You have a natural ability to spot a bargain and to read the financial market trends by instinctively knowing when to buy and when to sell stock, property and when to make investments.

What you are realising is that you cannot take anyone nor anything for granted. The past has had a great influence in how you are now dealing with personal relationships and some event that has taken place previously is responsible for determining your values and what you find important in your life is experiencing a complete metamorphosis which is bound to affect many of your decisions in the year to come. There is a growing sense of maturity regarding your emotional side that will pave the way to a happier and brighter love life.

A distracted mind has made it difficult for you to cope emotionally with certain relationships and even though you have done the right thing by giving yourself some much needed personal space. Normally you are bright and sparkling, spreading light everywhere, but the transition from last year to this is proving difficult.

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Right from the very start, the new year promises to bring some much needed changes because numerous delays have previously stunted your progress and caused much frustration. Your powers of persuasion will help to settle arguments and reassure people that you speak with confidence, knowledge and experience. You are observant, analytical and always very eager to help others.

Often you are the only one who can succeed in doing something the way it should be done because you think of the finer details that others rarely consider. You must have no qualms about happily waving goodbye to numerous individuals whom you thought you could put your trust in and have recently discovered that was not the case at all. If you have been feeling trapped, stale and without direction, new windows of opportunity will open wide letting the sun shine into your world.

No doubt you will be thinking about your long-term prospects and what you have accomplished so far. Can you see how much you have grown, developed and evolved? Have you learned to slow down and pace yourself or are you still travelling at warp speed? Will you ever learn to master your perfectionism and will you ever stop expecting so much of yourself and continually beating yourself up?

You are alert and meticulous about everything and so no stone will remain unturned on your watch.

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You may find yourself greatly influenced by a new mentor or someone you respect and admire greatly. Trying to maintain a balance between work and home is not always easy, but your aim this year will be to succeed in areas which you previously neglected because the demands of life were so great the price you paid was so high. What life is trying to teach you is that you are not doomed to failure, but rather that you are learning to define yourself by working in a career that offers you the chance to discover who you are and what you are capable of achieving once you set your mind to it.

During your financial affairs will be no trifling matter, so watch your spending because you could so easily find yourself dipping in and out of your overdraft facility and risk incurring expensive bank charges. Whilst the focus is on your income, you could well be thinking about starting a brand new business venture with the intention of branching out in a direction never yet explored. Here you could so easily see your money increasing more rapidly than you initially anticipated, giving you a fantastic feel good factor that will all add to your confidence and self esteem improving.

Making your money go further and getting a lot more value for it will be your sole intention for the coming year. The middle part of the year may well see an uplift in your fortunes because of an unexpected financial safety net suddenly appearing. Seek professional help before buying and selling stocks and shares, especially if this is a new venture. In business, trust your instincts and always be careful in who you speak with regarding the subject of your finances and business affairs.

Aries Monthly Astrology Horoscope July 2019

You are very traditional in every aspect of life and strongly believe in family values and principles because you like to do everything properly, legitimately and above board. You will often prefer to take the tried-and-tested path rather than experiment with the unknown because you know for every action there is a consequence and you have your reputation and good name to uphold, plus the fact that you dislike confrontation, stress, drama and chaos.

Close family and loved ones always take priority, anything or everything else comes second after that. For singles or those seeking companionship, love is in the air, which could start with a holiday romance, online dating or just meeting someone unexpectedly. You will encounter a whole range of interesting new people, some of whom will become very important in the years to come.

Friends can become lovers, but don't let a moment of weakness ruin a friendship. Boundaries need to be put into place from the start if you are to avoid complications later. Weddings, engagements and civil partnerships are on the cards for many of you as happy endings are in sight. This is a great year to be happy and to make the most of what is on offer. The universe is poised to bless you with lots of good luck and fortune throughout the year. As a person, you will feel more jovial, optimistic and energised about the future because you always love new beginnings and proves to be a year you will not forget in a hurry.

Rewards are just around the corner and all you have to do is believe in yourself and your abilities like never before. You may form a few interesting, philosophical connections with like minded individuals who you share common interests and friendship with, but above all because you will find an inner peace that has evaded you for so long. As you enter , forecasts show right from the very start that your intention is to take a more serious attitude with your career. Although you are driven to succeed, there is also the occasional tendency to become bored and lose interest if favourable results do not happen quickly enough, which then sees you galloping towards the next big thing and so the cycle continues.

Going self employed is a great idea as long as you stick at it and not be put off by slack days or the money not pouring into your coffers as promised. Changing career direction is on the cards, so prepare yourself for some tough job interviews and meetings that require a great deal of mental and emotional stamina. You can expect a few plot twists if you are working with a cross section of society, but because you have a good, general understanding of how people think and tick, you will be several steps ahead of them and able to accurately predict outcomes and prepare yourself for the next course of action.

You are excellently equipped to deal with all these challenges and learn valuable lessons along the way. The arrival of heralds the beginning of a brand new chapter and as long as you keep a level head and remain mindful of financial incomings and outgoings, teaching yourself to balance the books and steering a steady ship will provide you with a superb feel good factor and a greater sense of security for the long term. There is a strong indication that you could be the recipient of someone else's generosity and if you are left a lump sum, the question is, what do you intend doing with it?

If you have previously gone overboard with spending, you have to be prepared for the consequences of not taking personal responsibility from the start. This year indicates a turning point in your approach and dealings with money and where you can make a few long overdue adjustments to your spending habits. The hotly awaited arrival of will commence with a few unexpected surprises and a possible change of heart.

You can expect quite a few emotional upheavals because feelings change and what you thought you may have previously wanted no longer fulfils your needs or desires. You will find the inner strength to fight your battles and make your point felt and understood, because once you have made your decision regarding a certain relationship there will be very little chance of you changing your mind.

Singletons looking for love may be tempted to try online dating, social clubs or other ways of meeting new people. The powers of the universe are bringing you gifts of boundless energy and the renewed hope of better, richer, happier and more positive times ahead. This is a year of complete transformation and the chance to discover your real self, who you really are and your true purpose on this planet.

This is also an important time for wounds to heal, health to improve and continually working on improving your well being and lifestyle. Gone are the toxic friends, lovers, people who only served to drain your energies and drag you down. By starting to believe in yourself more and realising that you are every bit as good as the next person, you will start going places and have the power and wherewithal to enjoy some extraordinary big achievements. Never live a life of regret because all your past experiences have led you to this point in time and now you can look forward to embarking on the most exciting journey of your lifetime.

Unconventional and progressive you will find yourself gravitating towards things, people and interests that appeal to you and choosing to associate with individuals whom you find interesting and inspirational because alike always attracts alike and birds of a feather flock together. A new dawn is breaking and this is now your time.

Your confidence is growing and things, situations and life tests which you once found daunting and overwhelming are starting to be so much easier to deal with. You are learning to recognise opportunities and dodge certain obstacles so that you can take the fast track path of least resistance to the life you deserve and have worked so hard towards achieving. You are developing new skills and also learning to trust your judgement and intuition on every level. You will be asked to put your wealth of experiences into practice and most especially in your career and business dealings.

Many doors will open for you if you take yourself and your talents seriously. Decisions you have made, challenges you have faced, projects you have immersed yourself in and countless hours you have spent researching information and even some of the relationships you have built will all begin to reap the riches and finest rewards you could ever wish for. Have faith because the universe is full of abundance promising you the best is yet to come.

Chances of investing money overseas must be examined carefully before you agree to anything, because there are always hidden clauses in every contract, so make sure that you heed professional advice and go with your gut instincts before signing legal and binding documentation. You are wise to remain disciplined and frugal when it comes to money, thinking twice before spending it.

Use your resources to invest wisely and climb up the rich list because you deserve to. By all means invest money on technical equipment, computers, electrical items and anything that serves to promote and further your education and assists your advancement. The monetary seeds you sow during will define the harvest you can expect to reap in the future.

The new year brings some level of mystery, intrigue and spirituality to your personal life and there will be much operating behind the scenes that you will prefer to keep strictly confidential. Broadcasting your private life to the rest of the world is not for you, partly because you have serious trust issues and also you demand and expect total loyalty from those closest to you. Not everyone enjoys finding themselves in the limelight or the subject of discussion. With a little nudge in the right direction it is entirely possible and a lot easier than you think to break free of the past and start making plans to liven up your social life and manoeuvre yourself towards a much stronger position for meeting new, like-minded people that you connect with either romantically or for friendship.

This is your year of moving forwards and realising that until you do cut yourself free from the past. The key word to focus on is 'freedom', the freedom to choose whichever path you wish to proceed on next and above all, always remain true to yourself. Prepare yourself for a year of many changes, twists and turns at almost every corner that will affect your life in more ways than you care to imagine as you enter a 'no limits' zone when 'anything goes' is possible.

Some of you will be seriously considering giving up indulgent habits, some expensive and others toxic that do your health and image absolutely no favours whatsoever. Your reactions and attitude to situations will determine your success to a great extent because by changing your thinking, everything around you will suddenly change and look different to before. You may even find yourself feeling not so cut off and disconnected from your family and loved ones as bridges are rebuilt and old wounds are allowed to heal.

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Have the confidence in your decision making and make this a year when you finally learn to love and accept yourself for the amazing, beautiful and talented person you are. Plans to travel will always interest you because you love to escape from routine and go exploring. Relocating, starting afresh and giving yourself an opportunity to find yourself will appeal to your desire to seek spiritual enlightenment, development and new meaningful friendships. You couldn't wish for a better start to the new year as the planet of Good Fortune is in exactly the right place for your professional and business life.

You know your worth and should make sure that others appreciate what you do for them, so don't be afraid to ask for a promotion, salary increase or the opportunity to study and better yourself. The universe is encouraging you to have faith, take a chance and be brave because a well thought out calculated risk could pay off in more ways than you could possibly envisage. Some exciting new doors will open that will awaken your interests in trying something different, out of the ordinary and that which appeals to your sense of adventure.

Turn on the charm and use every skill in the book to land your dream job that promises personal fulfilment and a fat pay check to enhance it. You can be reckless with your money and your plans for the future are not always thought out carefully enough.

You love change and become easily bored, so a spot of retail therapy is often used as a quick fix. The state of your finances will continue to occupy your thinking and could prove worrying from time to time. By now, you should know, beyond a shadow of a doubt how you deserve to be treated and your money and savings should reflect this increased sense of self worth by enjoying rich rewards for your hard work, but you must also learn to juggle more efficiently than in previous times.

Managing your wealth is a very delicate balancing act, but strongly indicates being a year when you will discover ways of reinventing yourself and starting a brand new chapter that will attract success, security and prosperity. The arrival of sees you full of energy, enthusiasm and vigour for developing a newer and happier love life either with your current partner or with someone new on the scene. There could also be a case of love at first sight where there will be no stopping you from pursuing the object of your desires.

You have a great sense of humour and people love to be associated and attached to you. You make them laugh and smile, cheer them up and will always make friends wherever you go. Your magnetic personality and winning smile will no doubt land you in all kinds of mischief, but life is for living and we only come this way once. As a risk taker, dare devil and a force to be reckoned with, the year will be richly filled with all kinds of unexpected surprises, some welcomed and some most definitely not, but that's the name of the game.

Your social life will be the envy of many as they attempt to keep up with you, but mostly full of energy and vitality, you will always lead the way forwards and others will always follow. The new year will bring about a much greater sense of serenity, peace and tranquillity, something that you have been so lacking but needing and searching for, but somehow it always eluded you, up until now that is.

The past has taught you and made you aware of how your choices have affected the present day and your experiences are now guiding you towards a happier and hopefully, less complicated future.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

Always be your own person and refuse to fall prey to false friends and financial frauds, instead, protect yourself by listening to your gut instincts because they are always accurate and will guide you well along your journey of life. You can look forward to much more fun, happiness and opportunities to do things, go places and meet new people like never before. This is indeed your time, so make the most of it because you have waited all your life for this to happen. You have worked hard and compromised a lot to reach this point and now you are about to join the success wagon train because your efforts and talents are about to be recognised, bringing with them the rich rewards and the promise of much more in the future.

Think twice before offering to bail out, accommodate or subsidise those who are too lazy or irresponsible with their money and expect you and others to pick up the tab, because you will get no thanks for it. This is the year that sees you venturing far ahead in your professional life, making enormous gains along the way both personally and financially. Be prepared to find yourself clocking up the mileage travelling up and down the motorways and highways like a yoyo. There will be times when you will not know how to get off the merry go around because so many demands will be made upon your time, but it will be all good fun, so enjoy the ride.

Events from the very start of the year indicate that you could earn yourself a lot of money but choosing wisely which areas you invest in, not allowing yourself to get into too much debt and generally being sensible. Being careful isn't boring, its being responsible, realise and working on always remaining in full control of your finances, even though you can afford the best.

By the end of the year, an exceptionally healthy financial period is strongly indicated that will provide you with the peace of mind of a safer, secure and solidly structured future that will provide you with a comfortable lifestyle. This year there will be much warmth in your relationships although not all of you will be necessarily seeking permanence, but rather companionship that gives you the freedom to be yourself, giving you outings, friendships and a social life but with no strings attached.

Always be mindful that some people want it all ways and are not happy unless they are having their cake and eating it, that is not your way! For the unattached romantics who have been patiently waiting for the 'right one' to appear, and who have almost given up all hope of ever finding them, take heart, because something magical is about to happen that will restore your faith in the universe once more. No one can rush these things, but what is meant for you will not go past you and if you are meant to meet your soul mate, then you will.

If you are already in a strong and steady relationship, then the bonds between you will be strengthened as time goes on bringing a brand new meaning to the world 'love'. The sense of determination you put towards your goals is unparalleled. You will even surprise yourself when you realise just where your talents lie and whilst success is written in the stars, neither will it come easily.

There will be delays, obstacles and forces beyond your control to contend with, so much so, that at times, your patience and your sanity will be severely tested. Despite these occasional hurdles, you will make excellent progress making you realise the importance of stretching yourself and not giving into complacency. This is a year all about inner learning and connecting with other like minded people, because in turn, you can all help one another. Pay attention to your health and general well being by revamping your diet and getting more fresh air and exercise.

Daily telegraph horoscopes aries
Daily telegraph horoscopes aries
Daily telegraph horoscopes aries
Daily telegraph horoscopes aries
Daily telegraph horoscopes aries
Daily telegraph horoscopes aries
Daily telegraph horoscopes aries

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