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They'll work in a laid-back industry surrounded by wealthy people surrounded and a beautifully landscaped course set in an elegant country club environment. A Taurus is a natural at interior design. They have good taste, an appreciation for art and beauty, and are gifted with an eye for design, color, and placement, which makes it easy for them to advise homeowners and business owners who what to have their space professionally decorated. This is a wonderful career for a Taurus because they are so tenacious in making sure every detail is included in their work is perfect.

A Taurus appreciates the quiet of the country and everything a city has and see the beauty both have to offer and can take breathtaking photos of both natural landscapes and cityscapes. For a Taurus who's interested in the human body, massage therapy can be a very satisfying profession. A Taurus is a touchy-feely person who's physically strong but has a gentle touch. They are naturally quiet, love soft music, and understand that physical touch can heal broken hearts as well as weary overworked bodies. A Taurus is likely to enjoy a career in art. As an Art Director, they create the overall design, then direct others in developing the artwork and layout and see the project through to the end.

This is a career that would allow a Taurus to use both their artsy and managerial savvy.

A career as a fashion model would be rewarding for a Taurus. A Taurus lights up a room and with Venus, the planet of beauty, overseeing their lives; they're attracted to careers in fashion. Modeling is a career that allows a beautiful sensual Taurus to be a muse in the fashion industry. A Taurus is quiet and reserved, and music is a way for them to express their feelings and thoughts. With their beautiful voice and laser-like focus as well as their ability to shut themselves away from the world to work on their music, a Taurus can be an incredible singer musician.

Taurus has all the skills required for a forest ranger. They love nature and the great outdoors, are independent, observant, and physically strong, plus they're self-motivated, enjoy working alone, and have better-than-average innate survival skills. A Taurus is environmentally conscious. So, if a Taurus has an interest in the law , they'd a great fit for environmental law. As an environmental lawyer, they could use their legal expertise to protect the environment and defend the rights of individuals and protect farmers, communities, and wildlife.

The following jobs will also allow a Taurus to utilize their pragmatism, as well as their love of beauty and the natural world. From the impressive list above, it's easy to see that a Tauras has many varied professions available to them. Whether they choose to work in the financial, landscaping, design, or beauty fields, a Taurus should keep in mind that they'll need to have a steady income. Some Taurus women can date someone for some time, and her partner feels everything is going well, when in fact she may not have made up her mind.

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She is very generous with her partner, and although Taurus is known for being somewhat self-centered, she in fact often puts the needs of someone she loves above her own. She is nurturing and cares for her loved ones in a surprisingly romantic way, given her logical way of dealing with the rest of her life. However, she has her limits, and her loved ones must learn what these are, and strive to never push beyond them. The gentle, thoughtful demeanor they have grown accustomed to can transform into a driving force of fury.

There is a composed, peaceful, and patient quality to Taurus that is unmistakable and irresistible to many. In a pinch, Taurus will rarely engage in a messy argument, although she does have a legendary temper if completely provoked. Why fight with someone who seems above it all? She firmly believes that the best revenge is silence. Instead, she seems to be a great listener. Taurus takes quite a bit of time to let a lover into her heart, but when she does, she can be unstinting. In fact, she comes alive when she needs to defend or protect a loved one.

There are few signs more committed and devoted than a Taurean woman. She would make a perfect partner for the right person. Taking it slow and easy, she will stay the course until the fruits of her labors blossom into the relationship she wants.

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This perseverance is noted in every aspect of her life, but it is with her lover that the Taurean will be most tenacious. She enjoys the closeness of relationships and thrives on affection and intimacy. The Taurus woman also loves being right and is usually too willful to change her mind about that, so you best practice the art of appeasement when required. She is most compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces. The nurturing ways of a Taurus woman make her a great giver in any relationship as long as her partner is committed to the union and makes her feel secure and protected.

She can give the cold shoulder like no one else. She may seem quiet and subdued at times, but not when it comes to protecting what she claims as hers. Chances are, ten years down the line, those friends from high school who are still your BFF will be Taurean women. The bull takes friendships seriously, and she is constant, loyal, and devoted. In return, all she asks is that you remain as true to the herd as she is to you and all will be well.

A Taurus woman is extremely captivating in the bedroom. Her lovers are often surprised by her virtuosity, expecting a steady, plodding physical relationship but finding an intense sexual being instead. She likes her play times to be brightened up with conversations, and sly seductions. Taureans treat sex as a fantasy land, a way of escaping from the more mundane aspects of life, and yet still manage to bring a whole lot of earthiness to the mix.


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She takes pleasure in the warmth of physical contact, but her more adventurous side might require prompting. The Taurus woman knows what she likes and will make sure her partner knows exactly what that is! Passionate and always tender, Taurus is seductive and will pamper her lover both in the bedroom and out of it. Sex with the Taurus woman is a deeply sensuous experience.

Her appreciation of the simple pleasures in life, combined with legendary stamina, is a real plus. Too often people become restless in their sex life, failing to appreciate the basic pleasures of sex. Not so with Taurus, who can truly keep a long-term sexual relationship alive, not necessarily with variety but with untiring passion. She is looking for her ideal partner, and wants a steady, romantic, and fulfilling relationship.

She finds it hard to get over a failed romance, but as a romantic at heart, soon gets herself back into the game again. Because of her sometimes expensive taste the Taurus woman is prepared to give her all in return for a good salary upon which she can rely, working overtime when necessary and giving her full commitment. She is not usually an innovator or a natural leader, but she is a hard worker. Dependable and persevering, the Taurus woman excels in whatever task she takes on. With a creative eye and enjoying the stability of a day-to-day routine, she would do well as a florist or antique collector.

But this lady loves money, so combining that with her positive characteristics and the Taurus woman is ideally suited for positions in banking, stock brokerage, insurance agencies, accounting, and real estate. But the list does continue: teacher, herbalist, chef, doctor, architect, musician, caregiver. While a Taurus is capable of following orders and can be wedged back in the corner of an office doing data entry, there will always be a reason for taking this type of job.

She can stay in one job for a long time because she knows that only by being patient will the job description evolve and the pay increase steadily. The Taurus woman is generally good at finance, and giving financial advice. She knows how to work the system and get the best out of it. She is not a wasteful spender, but she does like luxurious living.

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However, she will not risk her security to fund it. She would much rather do without than put at risk the security of her lifestyle she values so much. Investments will be sound choices offering the comfort of safe returns over any risk ventures. Go cheap on the lady and you might find your gift in the garbage and replaced with one she bought herself. Taurus Woman is an excellent mother, but she does expect obedience and good behavior from her children. That being said, she will be their best friend their whole lives through and will teach them her own strength and resilience, and protect them from whatever the outside world chooses to throw at them.

Taurus women have many fond memories of their childhood and often carry on many of the traditions of their family. She is loyal to family members but will go her own way in certain areas if it suits her purpose.

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She is not easily swayed if her mind is made up. She is sentimental to a degree, but not to the point of becoming controlled by it. After all, she is very practical. The Taurus woman loves nature and the outdoors, but rather than the wild randomness of uncultivated land she likes to be among well-ordered fields, orchards, and vineyards.

She takes a great, fulfilling pride in a beautiful garden, especially a tasteful mix of productive vegetables and fruits with lovely flowers. Taurus rules the throat, and Taurus women tend to have musical and melodious voices. Their throats might also be vulnerable. They should take care not to become too stressed or worried, as this can result in insomnia and depression. Far from wallowing in the mud, the Taurus woman is, in reality, a little bit of a label snob.

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She loves the finest imported fabrics and only buys quality clothes. Tailor-made suits are an investment because she understands that the perfect fit will never go out of style. Practical, classy, and tasteful, Taureans prefer embellished flats to silly stilettos, and impeccably cut pants to miniskirts. They love accessories that highlight their best features, often their graceful necks, and own necklaces and scarves by the dozens. Subtle and smart, this Earth sign favors neutral colors like cream, ivory, and khaki, accented by rich browns or luscious gold.

Her main gemstone is emerald.

Taurus 12222 Career Horoscope

Emeralds are especially appropriate worn as necklaces because the body part ruled by Taurus is the neck. Emeralds have traditionally been associated with loyalty, belief in immortality, love, and faith. Her main color is green. Taurus generally looks best in earthy colors, denim, and white.


Interestingly too, she usually sniffs out new clothes, and is more aware than most about how certain fabrics absorb smells! She sticks to her favorite clothes and jewelry, and many a Taurus woman will own more than one of each of these favorite pieces. She loves fresh, uncomplicated, and clean scents, and is the first to notice an unusual or offending smell.

Those born in early May actually might be more perfectionistic, nervous, and punctual than other Taureans. Ruled by sensuous Venus, the Taurus woman was born to love, and to be loved. Lush and curvaceous, her idea of a workout is walking to the beauty salon. She is used to turning heads, and knows how to make the most of her Venus-blessed assets.

taurus job compatibility Taurus job compatibility
taurus job compatibility Taurus job compatibility
taurus job compatibility Taurus job compatibility
taurus job compatibility Taurus job compatibility
taurus job compatibility Taurus job compatibility
taurus job compatibility Taurus job compatibility
taurus job compatibility Taurus job compatibility

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